Tuesday, November 09, 2010

fighting "upper-inner" exposure one skirt at a time...

i had been wanting a denim skirt forever!

at the end of this summer i was at the gap and i finally found this one!

it was is a way cute pencil skirt, but there was one problem...

the slit was wayyyy too high for my comfort.

whenever i am shopping for skirts it's a problem!
why are the slits so dang high!? 

when this happens i like to call it "upper-inner exposure" :o)

my husband laughs every time i say "upper-inner"...that's why i say it, ha!  anyway...

i came up with a way to fix my problem.

i took some dark blue knit fabric from joanns.

knit is nice and stretchy...so i would still be able to move around in the skirt.

turn your skirt inside-out.  with the selvage (the self finished side of the fabric) lined up with the bottom of the skirt, and the slit laying flat open, i just cut out a piece of knit that was a little bigger than my slit.

then sewed it down right a long the very edge of the fabric...taking my pins out before i got to them so i wouldn't break a needle.


problem solved!

love it!

my friend erin came over last week and wanted to see if i could do the same type of thing with her black pencil skirt.

the slit on that skirt went all most all the way up to the zipper!


I decided to use lace for this one.

Lace stretches a little bit.  It also has a nice finished selvage edge.
I doubled the layer of lace so you wouldn't be able to see through it.

I pinned the lace starting from the skirt being inside-out, making sure that the selvage edge was lined up with the bottom of the skirt, then turned the skirt right-side-out, pinned it, and then took the pins out from the back.  This way I didn't have to worry so much about breaking a needle.

Then I trimmed the extra lace off close to the seam and was done!

It works and is so super easy!

Go get out your old skirts with those slits that are just too high!


Stacey said...

What a great fix. I currently have a jean skirt I don't wear because of the "upper inner" problem. Seriously, why is the slit so high? The problem for Me is probably that my butt sticks out too far thus pushing the slit out of proportion. Anyway, going to give your fix a try and see if I can't salvage a few.

Emma said...

Great idea! I'm really tall so the slit is always too high. Thanks for the quick fix :)

Shorty said...

Great post and great idea! Thanks for sharing!

Kate Rowan said...

Why do jean skirts always have such big slits!?! I hate that, but thanks for the quick fix!

Busy Working Mama said...

You are so clever! I have 3 skirts I can think of that cound benefit from this treatment!!

Julia said...

Good idea!

Sarah said...

Brilliant! No I don't have to worry about exposing my upper-inner to the world. The world thanks you!

Crystal said...

You are brillant. I have a couple of skirts that I can't wait to fix.

Jamie said...

I, too, have a great skirt that could benefit from this modest cure. The skirt I have actually has the slit in the front! Seriously?! It's what I call my standing room only skirt. (That or I have to be tucked under a table with a table cloth to ensure my "Britney" or "Paris" doesn't make an appearance.) lol My skirt has been salvaged from the back of my closet! Thanks for this tip with the step by steps.

Delia said...

This is genius. I have closed my slits with more denim but it is hard to walk in them. The knit is brilliant.

Anonymous said...

super fix!
thx for sharing

Knitting4Bella said...

I have been looking for a blog like yours. I am a knitter, and new to sewing and it's nice to see what practice and experience will bring me, so thank you

Martha anne said...

Yay! Good Idea, I hate that feeling at church when I'm walking and wondering what my slit may be exposeing :s

Megan Marie said...

love it!!!!! thanks for sharing!!!

workingmommyof2 said...

That's too funny! I do this alllll the time! Infact I had one from the GAP too and I used an old pair of jeans to close the slit. Gave it a nice worn look :)