Saturday, November 06, 2010


trey is a tree climber.

he has scared just about any visitor or neighbor we have had, by hiding up at the top of one of our trees.

now that the leaves are falling, he has put his tree climbing skills to good use.

i was talking to my dad on the phone while trey and i were raking up a huge pile of leaves.

he heard the exchange between trey and i.

"hey mom can i please climb the tree and jump into this pile of leaves?"

me against my better judgment as a mother, knowing that he maybe could get hurt, but eventually being won over by the fact that it would be really fun, and he will only be a kid once,  and the fact that i would want my mom to let me do it :o)

"sure just aim for the middle."  i say.

then i say to my dad, who really is just a big kid himself, and has rubbed off on me...
"this is your fault you know"...and he doesn't deny it because he knows it is.

trey was nice and safe and landed right in the middle each time.
he would land in the middle and then do this dramatic roll off to the side.

lucy came out and had her go at it...

but safely from the ground!

happy november!


Martha anne said...

So Cute, and looks so fun! I wish I could be a kid again, Fall has always been my favourite time of year. Because I got to jump in the leaves just like that of course!

RaeAnn said...

Thank goodness for mamas like you! I will send Jenna to you when she needs a break from my hovering.

erin said...

so fun!! I really love love love your pictures. How do you make them that color????? I always love them.

AshleyAnn said...

I'm all for letting them jump out of trees too. Some of my greatest childhood memories involved getting banged up in the process, but it was always worth it!

I've had your hankie dress bookmarked for months...maybe this will be the week I do it!

Julia said...

I was a tree climber, too, which drove my grandmother crazy. Girls weren't supposed to climb trees.

Shell in your Pocket said...

I love the tree, leaves and kid climbing..perfect Fall day!
sandy toe

pam said...

So fun! I love your pics Tanya--you are all so adorable! AND I wanna see your Dad jump outta one of those trees.