Thursday, October 16, 2014

Wax Paper Stencil Sign

We moved from the city to the country a little over a year ago.  When we first moved in I was really motivated to make this new place amazing :)  After not too long we realized that there would be a little baby in our future by way of adoption.  All of the work it takes to get ready to adopt as well as the cost put a damper on all of my decorating excitement.

The other day I thought "You know what it doesn't take much money to decorate and this will be a fun challenge for me to get this place looking awesome on budget."  So my first project was this sign!  

The wall in our family room was missing something.  So I put this together.  It's a spay painted frame Goodwill for $3.99 and a sign I made for about $5.  

I have loved this saying for the longest time and I think it's a good one for our family to live by and see often.

I used a cutting machine to cut the saying out of freezer paper.  I wouldn't attempt cutting this out by hand unless you were cutting something much simpler.  

*Make sure your paper is shiny waxy side down when cutting.

Remove all of the letters.  Charlotte loves helping with this part.  Be sure to keep all of the insides of the letters like the one for the "0" Char is removing in this picture.

Cut out your desired shape for the fabric.
I used some material I purchased at Joann's that is a ticker canvas type material.  You can find it over by the burlap.  

Make sure it is straight and lined up where you want it.

I use the highest setting on my iron to iron the letters on.

*Make sure your paper is shiny waxy side down when ironing.  Check to be sure the insides of the letters are waxy side down as well.

You will need a sponge brush and paint.  I sometimes use fabric paint for these projects but only when it will be used on something that will be washed.  In this case any type of paint will do.

Mix your desired color.  I wanted a very dark grey.  So I chose black and white together.

Make sure your brush doesn't have too much paint on it and hold your sponge straight up while painting.  When you paint you are doing more of a dabbing motion.

Your #1 goal with this is to not let the paint bleed under your wax paper.

 I think it's best to wait until your paint is mostly dry to remove the wax paper but I always get too excited and can never wait.

For any wax paper that is left behind I use tweezers or a pin to remove.

When the paint is dry iron your fabric face down to remove any warping the paint did to the fabric.

I wanted a point at the bottom of my sign so I used a ruler to measure and then cut.

I wanted my sign to be nice and sturdy so I cut out two pieces of my fabric the same size.

Put the right sides together and sew them together across the top.

Iron the seam open.

Turn it right sides out and iron flat across the top.

I always mark where to stop sewing with two pins close together.  Sew almost to the top on both sides with wrong sides together leaving room for your stick to thread through later.

You can see here I sewed all the way to the bottom.  I left the point not sewn because there was no need.

Here is where your stick will go.

Great perk of living out in the country.  I can walk outside when I need sticks for my craft projects. :)

Push your stick through the not sewn section at the top.

Tie on your string and you are done!

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Our son

Meet Jayce.  He is our son through adoption. 

 6lbs 6oz, 18 inches long, and absolutely perfect.

He has completely stolen our hearts.

Getting to know each other in the nursery at the hospital.  

Meeting his big sister Charlotte through Facetime.

Lucy's face of pure joy as she sees her brother for the first time at the airport.

(This picture gets me every single time.)

Trey's dream of a brother coming true.

Charlotte holding Jayce for the first time.

Family pictures taken when he was just days old.

The children.

We are so in love with him.  If you need to kiss your screen we understand :)

Birth Mom and I holding hands during the birth of our baby boy.

Adoption has become huge part of my heart.  We have had the incredible experience of seeing God lead us to our son. We had the privilege to get to know our Birth Mom and Dad.  We have some of the most tender and special memories with them in the hospital and are truly amazed at their strength and sacrifice.  Jayce is very much loved by both of his families.  Adoption is many things and it encompasses every single emotion that is possible to feel...but mostly it is just so beautiful.


Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Half Painted Chair

We were in need of a rocking chair for our nursery.  Yes you heard that right.  More on that later ....:)

I dreamed of it being the most perfect cool mint in color.

I think it turned out exactly how I dreamed it would.

Add a pillow for comfort and you have yourself a perfect little spot for rocking.

Here is how I did it:

I found this chair on craigslist.  It has to be a 100 years old.  Handmade and super sturdy.

I had originally planned on painting the whole chair in the mint color but the color of the wood was SO BEAUTIFUL I couldn't cover it all up.

I used a paint from Lowes(olympic-sweetpea).

 So I just picked a nice halfway spot and taped it off with painters tape.

I just used one of my craft sponges and did a light coat and let it dry and then repeated until the color seemed dark enough.  I even realized later that I didn't even prime it.  I had a box fan blowing on it the entire time which really helped with the drying.

Happy rocking.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

10 Minute pillow cover

Its true...I am back.  A little wiser, a little older, and ready to start blogging again.  We are doing well and there have been lots of changes in our family!  More on that later.  

Here is my first project back.

I decided it was time to recover my pillows.  I figured out the easiest no fuss way to do it and after you make one it will really only take you 10 minutes or less to whip one up.  

(I got this fabric from Joann Fabrics.  Super cute and I know they have an aqua and pink polka dot as well.)

Not all the way over.

I don't measure the extra that you always just works out.  Try'll catch on.

I like my pillows to fit into the case nice and snug so when I am eyeballing where to cut I pretty much just make sure it fits right onto the fabric.

You are just going to cut right up that fold.

Then you will have front and a back.

I just eyeball where to cut making sure one side is slightly bigger than the other.

I just pressed the fabric over 1/4 inch twice with an iron and sewed right down to finish the edges.

I love making these cases this way because it really is just no fuss and so easy.  It's so nice not to worry about measuring and pillows are really forgiving :)    

Happy sewing!