Monday, June 28, 2010

button hair clips with bows

i am sick i tell ya, sick! i have an obsession with buttons...

and i may not be able to control myself.

i saw these way cool hair clips and bobby pins on etsy...they have pads for gluing little treasures.

i thought how perfect for gluing buttons!

the etsy shop i used is closed for the summer.

but here is a store that i found that has good ratings and a good selection.

just take some super cute buttons...

(i bought these at joann's)

remove the shanks on the backs of the buttons with a button shanker.

use a hot glue gun to glue the buttons to the pad on the hair clip.

use a tiny tiny rubbon, tie a bow in it, cut the ends, and hot glue it to the top of the button.

lucy wore these yesterday to church.
she was a doll.

i am loving me some sailboats these days.

the sailboat buttons were made for boys i think...but add them to a pink clip and they are darling for a little girl.

these fish bowl buttons i have seen at almost every joann's.

lucy is in love with kitties.

i knew she would love these clips!

bows are always cute!

hold on to your glue guns ladies...

it's about time you made some

button hair clips with bows.


Amy said...

Very cute! I've been gluing felt bows onto hair clips recently, but I haven't done any with's going on my to-do list! :D

Vanessa Díaz said...

Do they stick very well with the hot glue gun? I try that with ribbon bows and they don´t stick very well to the hair clips and come out

ificould said...

So cute! Love them!

Jill said...

I bought my button shanker at Jo-Ann's and I'm so excited to get to work!!

lucy said...

I also love adding buttons as an embellishment on my crafts, especially on baby hair bows. I'll probably be going to add this on my list. Anyway, thanks for this cute idea.

Anonymous said...

I love the little fish bowl ones! So cute!`

Ooty said...

Super cute!!

DnD_Saga said...

I love this! I went out an bought a button shanker last week and spent all day making earings and clips and headbands with my sisters... Too much fun to stop...