Wednesday, June 23, 2010

our week so far...

we were gone to my parents for the weekend.
we returned to find our first tadpole to turn into a frog.
he is the cutest little frog ever!

i told trey we could keep him for a little while longer.
hey trey boy need a little more sleep there buddy!?

i can't tell you have much fun it has been to watch these tadpoles change.
this little guy has already got his legs!

we can't stop watching them!

what have i been up to?
i found this broach at an antique store a few months ago.
i got it for less than a $1...

i have been wearing it in my hair.
i just pull a section of hair back with some bobby pins and pin it right in!

i have been wearing my button with bow earring pretty much everyday and have been getting tons of compliments!

my husband plays on a mens softball league.
we have been having fun hanging out with some of our very best friends there.
here is liam.

lucy and one of her best friends makenzie.

i think i need this many kids in my arms :o)

what have you guys been up to?
is there something i am missing out on that you are enjoying?


Busy Working Mama said...

Awesome pictures! I LOVE the tiny frog! We had some tadpoles in our fish pond and this dirty old water snake ate all of them and all of the frogs, too. Oh if I could get my hands on it...or rather, if my hubby could :)

Tonya said...

Love the pictures of the tadpoles and tiny frog! Awesome! That's so great your kids are learning about them. And that you have the patience to keep them around! ;) Thanks for sharing!

Jenn @ WestSacHoney said...

Aw love the froggie update! I need to find some new little vintage buttons and broaches in my area I've been doing garage sales to find some.

Kara said...

That little frog is just the cutest! I wish we had a pond nearby to wrangle us up some tadpoles- my daughter would love to see that transformation!

I love your blog and your children are gorgeous!


Alicia said...

My children begged to bring tadpoles home, but I was afraid we would kill them - or I'd make myslef crazy trying to get the right live food. Did you really just let them live on whatever was in the pond floor that you scooped up or did you have to feed them other things? Did you change the water at all?

Tanya said...


They can live off whats in the water. I change their water once a week with water from the pond. They are doing great! We scooped up some of the little plants from the bottom of the pond and they like eating them. Good luck!

Cheech said...

We have been up to lots of fun summer stuff! Swimming, and fishing and horsebackriding and I have been practicing with my new camera!

Love your blog!!