Friday, February 12, 2010

My Last Minute Valentine Jars

They are made and ready to be delivered!

They are great for grandmas, friends, teachers, and even husbands!

Here are my Jars of candy.
I went to a store that had the bulk food bins and got little bits of lots of different candies.

Lucy and I cut long strips of scrap booking paper.

Then pasted card stock tags to them with different sayings.

I made these tags in photo shop elements.
If you don't have photo shop it's ok. Just make sayings in "word" or some other program. Then just cut out a picture of your kids and paste it on. Piece of cake!

Then just taped them to the jars by taping the card stock strips together where it meets in the back of the jar.

This one has valentine gummy bears, hugs, & kisses.

This jar has Hugs, Kisses, & Sour Patch Kids!

The tag reads:

"Hugs & Kisses
Happy Valentine's Day
From, These Sour Patch Kids"

K, so here is the deal. Remember how you used to make those candy bar posters for boyfriends in high school?

SO, I wanted to make one but in a jar for my Husband this year.

I thought it would be kinda cute.
I brought home a bunch of candy.
Everything I came up...let's just say it wasn't rated G!

I guess I have kinda of a wild little mind. I had no idea.

Not really I mean it's for my husband people.

Anyway you can make up anything your little heart desires for your husband. It's kinda fun!

So here is the one I came up with that can be displayed on this blog. Here's what it's got....

Hot Tamales
Sour Patch Kids
Now and Laters

Here is how it turned out.

You get the idea. Now go make them!


Christina Stephens said...

love love love these!!

Ashley said...

That's adorable!!

russandkatie said...

I love the one for your hubby!

My Creative Way said...

I love it! Love the one for your hubby hubs.

I just wished my husband ate candy.


Kelly Munns said...

oh my gosh...YOU. DID. NOT. hahahahahahaha!

Emily said...

Turned out great. That picture of Taylor makes me wish I was 18 again...oh, and that I was Bella--I would have made the right choice.

Tiffany Meagan said...

hah! SOO cute AND fun!

also, I don't have photohop but I use a program called

very simaler to photohop - of course NOTHING beats photoshop, but this program is free. which i like.

if anyone is interested?

JS said...

love these and made some for friends but i used felt that had adhesive on one side (got them from the dollar store last year) cut out heart and even covered the lids - they were so cute! thanks for all the crafty ideas! erin

Scrapity Anne said...

ADORABLE!!! I love that this is so sweet personalized but still so simple to do!

Christine said...

What a sweet and adorable idea! I love how you even put the pictures on the labels. =O)

Little Birdie Secrets said...