Thursday, July 02, 2009

last thailand post seriously

while in thailand, i saw so many things i had never seen before.
a few of these things would stop me in my tracks!

these little bunnies were one of them.
they were the tiniest, fluffiest, sweetest little things.

they sell them at their huge outdoor market.

they sold little dresses with matching accessories.

just look at that crochet hat with the three tiny flowers.

i could barely even stand it!
so weird...but so cute.

they sold these itty bitty leashes for them.

i wanted to bad to buy one and bring it home for trey and lucy.
i wasn't sure i would make it through customs with one these fluffy friends.

seriously look at them. have you ever seen such a thing?


Lauren said...

I am dying...I have never seen anything cuter!

chelsea said...

Those are so funny! We like the Thailand posts. Keep them coming.

Abby said...

How did I miss this post!? Whatever. I want one of those little bunnies.

jlthomas said...

Too funny! I never saw those on my trip, I was missing out!