Friday, July 10, 2009

the 4th & trying to be a cool mom

the night of the 4th we had just got back from a week long camping trip. we were exhausted and dirty! on the way home we pulled off at the fireworks stand closest to our home. we had a couple of hours to kill before the sunset so we could let off our fireworks. we unloaded our packed to the brim car and trey, lucy, and i played outside in the neighborhood while we waited for it to get dark.

as trey has been growing up, it is becoming harder for me to be "cool" enough for him to want to hangout with. it makes me sad to know that mom is not as cool as she used to be to this little man.

he is always asking for his friends to come over. he loves the older boys in the neighborhood that can do tricks on their bikes and skateboard.

i have decided that i won't lay down and let those boys beat me out of the top of trey's favorite list.

here i am practicing my razor scooter tricks.
videos of my rockin that razor to come.

(photo taken by my handsome little trey boy)

before we left for camping i was at this website ordering this swimsuit
(isn't it so cute!!??) and i came across this wolverine t-shirt. i had to have it! i knew i would so score cool mom points with trey. when we got back from camping, i had travis run to the mailbox to see if it had come, and it had! i put it right on!

(trey is obsessed with wolverine after seeing a preview for the movie.)

i am definitely the only mom in the neighborhood with one.

(trey doing his wolverine claws :)

(trey doing his wolverine claws once more :)

as the sun was going down i cut open leftover watermelon from our camping trip, and we all partook of its summery deliciousness :o)

after the sunset, we got down to firework business.
sparklers were sparkled and fireworks fired.

we bathed the kids of their camping filthiness, brushed their teeth, and put their pajamas on.
we all climbed into the comforts of our own beds, in our own house, so happy to be home, and fell asleep within minutes.

*update-the link for the swimsuit is sometimes not showing the picture of the suit because they are low in sizes. keep checking back if you are interested because they update it often. urban outfitters had some really cute one-piece suits at the beginning of the season. most have sold out so keep them in mind for next year.


RaeAnn said...

Is it super creepy if I want to see you rocking that swimsuit? THat is the true test of a cool mom you know...swimsuit pics on the blog. Just don't put them on other websites, or you will be known as a different type of mom. I hope you do a camping post now!

Emily said...

you rock.

and I too vote for a swimsuit shot:)

Abby said...

A: I love your long hair.

B: I love your crazy cool wolverine shirt.

C: I love that you camped for an entire week with two little kids.

Conclusion: You're one of the awesomest people I know.

Janas Bananas said...

I love you guys, I love seeing everyone and hearing about what you are doing....I miss everyone and everything these days...I am lame. Looks like it was a great day!

Lorissa said...

Does the swimsuit come with the legs and flat tummy?

Megan Marie said...

I think you're cool with out it, but the wolverine shirt defiantly adds a little something!

Liam keeps saying, "Go away, mom!" When I try to play with him at the playground. I'm evil, so I grab a different kid and try to make him a little jealous. Yikes, right?!

I like your approach much better.