Thursday, June 25, 2009

scootin' along

While my sister-in-law Margo and I were in Thailand we decided to rent a scooter. It was just $3.00 a day and $3.00 to her up with gas. So we figured it was a pretty good deal and would be way too much fun!

The first couple of days Margo wouldn't let me drive the scooter. The traffic was wild there so I didn't really protest. Plus they drive on the wrong side of the street, so I had to kinda get used to that first.

After a couple of days I reminded her that I had grown up riding dirt bikes with my dad.

She said "ok I'll watch you practice on the side streets and we'll see how you do."

Here I am on my maiden voyage of scooter riding in Thailand.

She totally made fun of how I got all hunched over and sped off like I was riding a dirt bike ha ha!

Then she made fun of me again when I came back, on how I stuck my foot out when I turned.

"ok seriously you are embarrassing me...this is a scooter not a dirt bike Tanya."

She was satisfied with what she saw, and hopped on the back, and we were off. This was by far the thing I had the most fun doing in Thailand. Waking up, hoppin on the scooter, and heading out on another adventure.

I was a little nervous about posting these videos because the sound is not working on my computer at the I am not sure what I am saying in any of these videos. I'll apologize in advance for anything stupid that I say.


pam said...

does your helmet say "buddy"? haha. love it girl.

Steph said...

The perfect accessory for any outfit has got to be a helmet!! Great driving skills BTW!!

Abby said...

This is so awesome. I can just see you getting all crazy dirt bike style.

chelsea said...

The boys are eating those videos for breakfast. You are the coolest aunt now in their opinion. And I am LOVING how your helmet says "buddy" on the back of it!