Tuesday, October 21, 2008

cooking with trey and lucy/pumpkin pizza the sequel

last year we made a halloween pizza and decided to make another this year!

Trey and Lucy are going to show you how!

" put cookie dough(pizza dough this one is a premade whole wheat crust) on the pan. make it into the shape of a pumpkin"

"putting blood (pizza sauce) on the pizza."

(sorry i have no clue what he is thinking)

"you just put broccoli on. because it makes pumpkin pizza."
(i always try to sneak veggies in where i can. when travis found this broccoli in his pizza he said "you tricked me.")

"then put a lot of pepperoni on. then cheese. so my mom wasn't looking and i ate some cheese."

"lucy put that pepperoni on there and she wasn't supposed to yet."

"cut pepperoni into triangles and put like a pumpkin face."

"then put it in the hoven. no not the hoven...the soven. no the...i can't tell what it is...hoven...soven....soven! soven i mean i can't tell what it is. mom can you tell me what it is. oooohh the oven."

there you have it a pumpkin pizza! now go make it.


Kelly Munns said...

oh my gosh i love the hoven/soven comment. i love how you use his words....it always makes me laugh. so i was going to post about my pizza because i was so proud and then i see yours...what a sad day. you're like bree vandekamp and i'm like leanette scavo. sad.

ang said...

i'm glad you add the dialogue, 'cause i love it. your kids are adorable!

~*Liz*~ said...

Adorable children! So nice to see someone cook with their kids. I am sure they will remember those fun times forever!


Abby said...

OH Tan, I laugh out loud every time I read your blog!
You are such a cute fun mommy.

The Popes said...

i loved that you wrote this tutorial through trey - he's a funny little guy. i especially love the pic below and trey holding lucy . .do all kids really love each other deep down :) that was so sweet!

Stooph said...

i wanna eat it. I'm hungry. why are trey and lucy so funny??? can't wait to see you guys.

Janas Bananas said...

Oh that is way better then my pumpkin biscit hamberger idea I did last year..TRhe kids ate them but they looked funner then they tasted.This year I made pumkin meat balls....Why I have not thought of Pizza...I don't know. Next year!

chelsea said...

Made 3 of them for Isaac's party. Loved them.