Wednesday, October 22, 2008

what the kreativ blogger award

so my girl RaeAnn awarded me the Kreativ Blogger award! Ok, can I just say that this is the 1st award I have ever won in my entire life! Well besides the "most improved" award I won my senior year of high school soccer. (p.s. kelly I am going to kill you if you voted for embarrassing.)

I'd just like to thank trey for all of the craft/cooking slaving, lucy for all of your adorableness, and my husband for all of the sighing noises he has made as he has waited up for me to go to bed.

Now I have to come up with 6 things I am grateful for....

6. the show "friends." i just discovered this show a few years ago. i had never watched it growing up! can you believe it? so i discovered it, and every now and then i turn it on and have myself a nice little laugh.

5. treats...any little kind...they just make me happy. unless i have too much.

4. fall! oregon is so beautiful right now and i am so enjoying to beautiful colors and the nice crisp air.

3. all of you bloggers out there who inspire me in so many ways.

2. my friends...i don't even know what i would do with myself without you girls who are nice enough to pick up your phone when you see my name on the caller id. seriously you are blessings straight from heaven and keep me sane. well as sane as i can be.

1. my little family. there are little moments when we are all together, just truly enjoying each other, and i think that life could not get better. i love you guys!

So I need to pass this award along and it has got to go to my girl Whit! She is a crazy bloggin' soon to be mama whose blog is bustin' at the seams with all of it's creative juices! Keep it coming Whitney.


Abby said...

Congratulations you crafty little blogger, you!
Love the list of things to be thankful for, too.

RaeAnn said...

what the what is right. I never saw this post! Aggh. My google reader failed me!! Anyway, a bunch of my friends here all got together and made Tanya-inspired tutus, so thank you for spreading the kreativity and the love.

Kelly Munns said...

poor tanya. and ps. i'm sure i did not vote you most improved. ok who knows... but you are a super crafty blogger and it's always fun (and sometimes depressing) to see what you have come up with now. you are totally a jones and i'm totally trying to keep up! but seriously, you are awesome and so creative. sorry you didn't feel the's probably just cause we're not surprised you won such a wonderful award!

jeff and pam said...

YAYY!! Out of the bloggin world for a week and I miss the big stuff. Ahh, you really have a good head on those shoulders :) brilliant Tanya--just brilliant!!