Sunday, October 19, 2008

big brother at his best

the other morning trey was coloring a picture on the computer. i had just gone up stairs to get lucy because she had woken up. i was laying with her on the couch when trey said "mom come see my picture." i said "just a minute trey, lucy really needs me to lay by her and hold her." trey came over and said "here mom i'll lay by her and hold her so you can go look at my picture." so he layed like i was laying on the couch and held lucy. it was very sweet. he really does have a good little heart and loves his sister. even though sometimes he says "mom i want to have another lucy but nicer."


Ashby Family said...

I love it, love it, love it. Tell him he needs to come and hold Aidan for me too!

Missed you guys yesterday at Ethan's party. Really missed you.

Ashby Family said...

oh yeah, and about this "other baby" thing...:)

Abby said...

Dude. Your kids. They kill me. Have a few more, k?