Tuesday, August 26, 2008

skim boarding

last saturday i woke up to travis packin up to head to the beach! i have never seen a more beautiful day at the oregon coast! we saw some boys skim boarding there. so we walked into town and bought two skim boards. it was so fun to watch travis & trey learn to do it.

lucy really liked my sunglasses. i never got to wear them. she always steals my things :o)

she was a little nervous at first. but soon turned into a wild woman in the water.

that morning lucy saw me painting my toenails. she was very interested and let me paint hers. it was so cute! she is turning into a little woman.

of course travis caught right on to it! he is always good at everything. scoundrel.

k these pictures were supposed to be switched. below is trey running up to his skim board. above he makes a perfect landing! he catches on to things just like his dad.

travis and trey had so much fun together! here travis is giving trey a big push.

it started to get dark and trey started to get cold and grouchy.

lucy wanted to skim board like trey. she ran, jumped on the skim board, and fell flat on her back. she was mad at me because i was standing closest to her; so she ran crying to her dad. here he is comforting her.


PMG Smith Family said...

We bought a skim board on our honeymoon and Peter was great at it. I, on the other hand, was not much better than Lucy. It was still fun, though.

And, it was a perfect weekend for the beach. We were lucky enough to be out there too... just a little further south, I'm sure.

Kelly Munns said...

how cute. i just wish someone would take pictures of the woman behind the camera. for heaven's sake you never post pictures of yourself! give yourself some credit...you're so cute!

Em Russ said...

how dare you be closest and not catch her... somehow the things that happen at my house always seem to be my fault too. Abby's latest consistent cry is "my want MY daddy right now!" Gotta love those daddys! (And I agree with Kelly... more cute pictures of you!!)

Ashby Family said...

love, love, love these pictures. how much fun. looks like you had a blast! definitely calendar pictures for 2009.:)

RaeAnn said...

ok...umm...i have never heard of skim boarding. I am guessing it is like surfing on the shore? oh, and I agree with Kelly...no tanya pics equals not a complete post. :)

Megan Marie said...

you guys are so fun! Both your families seem pretty athletic so I'd say your kids have a good shot at being naturals at all that stuff. Our kids have no hope.