Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Lucy Day!

Little Miss Lucy's Birthday was yesterday. We decided instead of doing a big party we would just have a day all for her. We went to the store and she picked out her presents. Then we took her out to lunch where they gave her this pink balloon and sang her Happy Birthday. Then we headed to the park.

She loved playing with her balloon at the park. I told her to hold it very tight and tried to tie it to her wrist...but she wouldn't let me.

A few minutes later this happened.

She was sad for a few minutes while she mourned for her balloon.

She threw a few sticks in the stream...

rolled bouncy balls down the hill with her dad...

and made sure to ignore me while I was trying to take pictures of her.

Grandpa & Grandma Risenmay came over for some cake and ice cream. She loved us singing to her and watching the candle burn, but she would not blow it out. Big brother Trey took care of the candle for her.

She got this very intense look on her face while she opened her gifts. It was so cute!

This is the baby she picked out at the store. She was the best little mommy I have ever seen! Fussing with the baby. Making sure she was fed and happy.
It was such a fun day! We really wanted it to be special for her and I know it was. I was carrying her up to her bed last night and she looked at me with her tired eyes and said "my birthday." So sweet.


we forgot a present. the best one of all! this morning i realized we had forgotten to open a present my sister left for lucy months ago. lucy was SO excited when she realized there was one more!

oh my goodness the cutest quilt ever! aunt chelsea you are amazing!

inside each brown patch was a flower. adorable!


jeff and pam said...

That is soo sweet! I can't believe little lucy is already 2! crazy. . . she is adorable and very lucky to have such a good mama :)

RaeAnn said...

how do people have that amazing craftiness? I really like the quilt...and I think Lucy is one of a kind too!

The Popes said...

i'm so sad that i had to miss out on her birthday since she's like my most favorite little new friend!! she is adorable and when she's old enough to have spend the nights-please put her on a plane out east (i'm sure we'll still be here) :) happy birthday cute lucy!!

Ashby Family said...

Happy Birthday little Lu! Can't wait to kiss that little face & give you your birthday present!
Love you.

Abby said...

I am SO glad you found us!!! We miss you guys, too. You were our only friends here...and now we sit around and be lame together all the time. Booooooorrrriiiiiinnng. You will be proud to know that I am working on my first quilt right now and it's almost done! I will post pics on my blog as soon as it's done. Your little kiddos are so stinkin' cute. Please let us know when you'll be down our way!

Where's the Fire? said...

She is so cute! Happy birthday Lucy! Isn't it fun to get bigger?!? (Isn't it fun to watch them grow up?)

RaeAnn said...

two things...i was thinking about lucy on the drive to work today...how do you feel about baby modeling? she is so cute tanya. yes, she looks so much like you! I see GAP calling her name (and paying for her college). Second, your comment made me SO smiley and seriously made me feel so good. Tears in my eyes for one of the few times throughout these last nine weeks thinking, wow, it's me that is going to get something baby special. Can't explain it, but it feels great.

Miles and Erin Johnson said...

She is VERY cute. Did you make her little hair clip?

chelsea said...

What a pretty little girl. Happy Birthday Lucy! We love you and we miss you!