Friday, August 22, 2008

you little rascal

so today i am taking a shower. i hear lucy outside the shower banging on the door. she is yelling something to me about trey. i say "lucy just a second honey i'll be right out." when i am done i reach out for my towel and it is no where to be found! little miss lucy had run off with it. i yell "lucy! lucy honey where are you!" of course she was gone by now.
now i have no towel, and i had left the huge window in our bedroom wide open. i didn't want to traumatize the i had to improvise. i will spare you the details of how i got a towel.
this little thing may look like a little angel. but she is really just a little rascal.


Kelly Munns said...

oh come did you get dry?! inquiring minds want to know.

jeff and pam said...

You know the rascally genes come from you Tanya. . . come on :)

RaeAnn said...

any pictures of your creative manuevering? give the public what they want.

chelsea said...

Sassy little thing. I love that Lucy girl.