Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Felt Bow Headbands

Just a couple of weeks before Charlotte was born; I sent my husband and kids fishing, sat down, and created all kinds of things for my little darlings hair.

These felt bow headbands were one of my creations.

So cute..

and really a lot of fun to make!

here she is wearing this pink one.

this headband is nice and big.
i will show you how i made this one that Charlotte is wearing, but
play around with different sizes as you make these.

here's how i did it:

you'll need felt.

i am a fan of wool felt because it is thicker, holds up nicely, and really it just looks so much better.
most joann's stores carry it.

elastic or stretch lace.

joann's sells it.

cut a strip of felt...

19 inches x 1 1/2 inches

then another...

3 1/2 by 1 1/2

find, and if you would like, mark the middle.
fold one side to the middle and then fold the extra back over to the other side.

do the same thing with the other side making sure the initial folds are at least even.

put some hot glue in the center to hold those folds down.

when you turn it over it will look like this.

next take your small strip...

glue it to the back of your bow like this.

then tightly bring it around to the front of your bow...

i like to pinch the sides of my bow down like this as i am bringing the smaller strip around...

now bring the smaller strip around to the back and hot glue it secure.

your bow will look like this!

cut a triangle shape out of the ends of your bow like this.

measure a piece of elastic about an inch or so smaller than your babies head...

put some hot glue on one end...

glue the ends together.

now cover the back of your bow with hot glue...

and glue your headband to your stretch lace.

if you don't have the measurements for the headband size you need, here is a general idea of what size to make:

-Newborn 13.5 in
-0-3 months-14 in
-3-6 months 15 in.
-6-12 Months 16 in.
-12 Months-Tween 17.5 in.
-Adult 18 in.

 Happy Headband making!


aimee said...

its so cute thanks for the tutorial, and the measurements iv been wanting to make one for my newborn grand daughter but i was not sure of the sizes, thanks. xxx

Adele said...

These are lovely, just like your beautiful little bundle of joy! Thanks for the tutorial - I'll be using it tomorrow!

* Nancy * said...

Darling!! Thanks for sharing! Congrats on, your Charlotte she is perfectly beautiful!!

Abby said...

darling! totally pinning this on pinterest!

Erica said she got to see you and your darling babe in Sisters. How random is that? I was green with envy! I would love to see you and your fam and hold that sweet Charlotte.

Anonymous said...

OH so CUTE!!! Love them, thanx for sharing! and your little sweetheart is just so precious!


Becky @ Our Sweet Peas said...

Thanks for the tutorial. My 15 month old, Addison Lily, is my FIRST girl and she is BALD. I love her little bald head but I am DYING to do some bows. This is my ticket. You rock!

Elle Bee said...

I love a huge bow on a little baby-soo cute!

Valerie said...

Thanks for this awesome tutorial! I had a method of making felt bows that was so much more complicated! You've changed my life! :) Hehe..sorta

mamatamera said...

Sooo cute!! {Both the sweet girl and the bow} I'll have to check my joann's again - I haven't found it in the past. I agree that it has a more finished look to it. Thanks for sharing this super cute idea.

Tori said...

I love these felt bows! Thinking about making one and attaching it to a clip instead :)

cre8ivesky said...

So cute! So precious how tiny they are right at first! The headband really shows that! :) Hope things are going well for you all still!

Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

Even my big girls would love these! They are gorgeous.

Maddie! said...

So cute! I'm having a girl in a month and I can't wait to make some of these for her!

Ross said...

So cute, and what a beautiful baby.

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