Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Christmas to remember...

My parents moved to Central Oregon a few months ago.
There are 6 kids in my family,
and we all headed down there for a big Family Christmas Celebration!

This my friends, is my sweet niece little Miss Ruby.
"Ruby Sue" or "Smooby Sue" as I like to call her.
Isn't she amazing!?

She spent the entire holiday wondering around, getting into mischief, and stealing every one's hearts.Travis and I picked out this little outfit for her with a matching one for Lucy for Christmas.
They looked adorable at Church the next day.

Trey had "the best Christmas ever!"

We gave him a Red Ryder BB gun.
He hit the target every single time!

His Grandpa Jess and Uncle Spencer gave him a Leopard Gecko.
He is completely in love with both gifts.

(the picture left middle is of trey giving spencer a hug for the it!)

Lucy loved every single gift that she was given, and has been playing nonstop for the past 5 days!
It has been wonderful :o)

My mom and dad got all the kids slippery polar fleece socks and blankets so they could slide around on their wood floors.

They could have never known how much fun the kids would have with these gifts!

(While running up the table for Chrismas nephew Isaac slid into the table taking half the dishes down with him...luckily it was the kid table so the damage was minimal :o)

My dad pulling the grankids around 
and loving every single second of it!

Ruby Sue likes it too!


My parents have made some new friends in their new town.
One of these friends lives in a cabin type house with Christmas decorations galor!
It takes them 40 storage bins of decorations and  a whole week to put their decorations up.

My parents took us over there so we could experience this Christmas Wonderland.
My dad told me about how cool he thought this old stove was before we arrived.
It was more amazing than I imagined.

They had Christmas treats waiting for us.
I love this sister (far left) and her friend Casy (middle) are trying to get lucy to smile.
Their faces are crackin' me up!

Trey thought he'd be sneaky and tried to ruin this picture by popping his head up in the back...nice try trey boy i love it even more!
(my 17 year old sister far left, lucy and trey middle, my sisters friend casey far right)

Last but not least, I made this Christmas Video!
Enjoy some of our Christmas madness!


Unknown said...

Looks HEAVENLY! Ask your dad if he will send me a pair of those slippery socks!!! Soo... I want to hear more. I talked about all my drama and did not listen to your good times...
Thanks for listening, though.
love ya girl.

Kimberlee, The Spunky Diva said...

Wood floors are great for sliding, LOL!

RaeAnn said...

Merry christmas!! Looks like everything a holiday should be. Jenna was laughing at the kids in the video :)

Unknown said...

What a fun Christmas. The blanket sliding is something everyone will always remember! Fun times.

jlthomas said...

What a great Christmas! Your family is awesome!

Megan Marie said...

wonderful! love the blanket and sock sliding!

lvnatalie79 said...

Loved the video...I think I have to tell you that of all the blogs I go to (and there are MANY), yours is my favorite! I think that if we lived near each other we may be friends : ) Happy New Years

cdep said...

That video made me cry!
Lovely family, and such cute kids.

Greetings from Argentina! anda congratulations for your awesome blog!

LoraLynn said...

I just wanted to tell you that I think you have THE most adorable kids!!! Their sweet pics just make me smile!