Tuesday, November 02, 2010

sweet lu on halloween...

i have had several family members say "hey wait a minute we never got to see photo's of little lu on Halloween!"

well don't you fret!

i laughed my way through Halloween this year and let me tell you why.

first of all, we had already been to a Halloween trunk-or-treat the night before Halloween.
i told the kids that one day of trick-or-treating was enough...trey was excited to just hand out candy that actual night of Halloween.  i figured that was that.

well Halloween came, and it was our little lucy who took to handing out candy.
she sat outside in the cold waiting ever so patiently for the trick-or-treaters.

it was just too cute for my little heart to handle.

then, our little friend liam came over.
he was a cowboy.
when his parents headed out to take him trick-or-treating i heard my little lu run up stairs...next thing i knew i see a flash of pink run past me as i head to the door to pass out candy to the trick-or-treaters.

wait where did lu go!?

i looked for her and found her two houses down standing at their front door...shoeless, in her costume, bucket in hand!  i was so surprised that she had run out in the dark by herself!  she doesn't do that ever!

last year she was so shy and wanted nothing to do with knocking on doors.

this year she was a maniac, stopping at nothing to get a bucket full to the top with candy!!

so out we went!

i laughed every time liam ran past with his funny little run in those cowboy boots...i will never forget it!

trey dressed up as a skeleton the actual night of halloween.

he thought he was pretty cool...and so did it.

lucy ended up with a bucket full of candy so she was a happy girl.

i had forgotten how much fun halloween and trick-or-treating really are!

i especially loved seeing all the little babies in their costumes!

what a fun time of year.

bring on thanksgiving!