Sunday, October 31, 2010

bukaroo bib/vintage hankie bib

i am really excited about this one.

my mother-in-law made me a couple of bibs when trey was a little baby.
they are made with a hand towel and a bandanna.
i used them all the time, and thought trey looked like such a cute little buckaroo in his bib.

i decided to give them a try because they looked so easy and would make great gifts for this gift giving season.

easiest thing i have ever made!

then i had an idea.
why not use a vintage hanker chief to make one for a little girl.
i have a few vintage hankies and i found this little hand towel at the dollar store with a sweet little picnic embroidered on it.

i put them together and made "the vintage hankie bib."

 so sweet for a baby girl.

the hankies i had are definitely smaller than the bandannas.
they will for sure fit a baby...i am not sure about a toddler.

now i just need a little girl or a buckaroo to use these bibs.
i would take either thank you.

All you need is:
a hand towel
a bandanna or hankie

Fold the hand towel in half.
Lay the point of your bandanna on top of the hand towel.
Only about 6 inches of the bandanna will be on top of the towel.

 Stitch right next to the edge of the bandanna only on the parts of the bandanna that are touching the hand towel.

So when you are finished you will have stitched a big "V" shape.

Here's how I made the vintage hankie bib:
My hankie was fairly small so i cut two inches off the top of my hand towel, then zigzagged the top to keep it from fraying.

Then made two pleats to make the towel not as wide and to make it a little more girlie.

Pin the point of the hankie onto the hand towel.
There was only about 3 inches from the point of the hankie to the top of the towel.

Then sew the hankie to the hand towel just on the edge of the hankie again making a "V" after you have sewn.

 All done!
You roll the top of the hankie down and then tie it onto your sweet baby.


Abby said...


Kara said...

LOVE this idea!!

jlthomas said...

You never dissapoint Tanya! Can't wait to make a buckaroo bib for my little guy!

Emily said...

you and your sweet vintage napkins. love always!

you can call me aunt choody said...

Those turned out super cute.

pam said...

I'm making one "adult" size and sending it to my Grandma Field!! :)
(do NOT told her I said that...)

Tanya said...

Oh my gosh pam! I am telling her!

pam said...

hahaha I am dying!!!!!!!!