Wednesday, July 14, 2010

trey turns 6!

it is 9 a.m. and trey is still sleeping...

i think that means he had a good birthday.

he had a water balloon fight, treasure hunt,

and played a "throw the cupcake at trey's dad game."

my husband was a very good sport.
he had no clue he would be doing was great.

all of the kids got to take a few chances at swirling their cupcakes in a pan of frosting and then taking a shot at trey's dad.

they loved it!

these hanging balloons were a hit...but didn't last the whole night.

happy birthday trey...
you bring so much to this family.

we love you buddy!


teedle. said...

What a good sport he was! Cupcakes in the face - priceless =)

Anonymous said...

Great idea with e throwing cupcakes game. Sounds like fun. Happy Birthday Trey!

Julia said...

What a great dad!!!!!

Unknown said...

We are coming. Ethan is ready for a chance to throw a cupcake at Uncle Travie! Better get ready Trav---I might have to take a shot at you as well!;)

Andrews Family said...

I'm so glad you posted his birthday party. I was thinking about him this week and wanted to wish him a happy birthday. Please give him a big hug from us. Also, tell him that he has the coolest parents ever... what a fun party...the "throw your cupcake at Trey's dad" game was awesome! You are always so creative.

RaeAnn said...

oh my, 6??? You MUST be mistaken! So big, so old, so freaking cute. Oh wait, is he old enough now that I have to say "cool" instead of "cute"?

Unknown said...

I love the balloons door! I pinned it a year ago and we are assembling it tomorrow! Our 10 (on Saturday) year old grandson Will is flying to California from Washington solo for his birthday and we want to make it special...double did gets, after all!!! Thank you for this cute idea!