Friday, March 19, 2010

sew proud

some of you know about my sister-in-law emily's blog.

i just have to say how very proud i am of her.

her husband bought her a sewing machine a year ago for christmas.

she had VERY little sewing experience before getting her machine.

just read this reenactment of a phone conversation between her and i last year:

her: "i had to take my sewing machine back because it was broken."

me: "really!? what was wrong with it?"

her: "the thread was all stuck in the bottom and i couldn't get it to come out!"

me: "did you know you can just turn the hand wheel on the side of your machine and the thread will come right out?"

her: "oh crap i already took it back!"

anyway she got a new one, and took that sewing machine like a bull by it's horns and learned to use it!

here are two projects that she has done that i just love!

the first is this "Clutch Diaper Pocket"

It is a changing pad with a pocked for diapers and wipes.
When it gets dirty you just throw it right into the wash!

She gives a great tutorial on how to make it on her blog.

I saw her using one of these on our trip to California.
"What the heck?" I said to her. "Why have you not shared this will all of us?"
We could all use one of those!

Here is another cute project she gives a tutorial for!

She actually made this owl for Trey. He loves it!

you can do the same!

if you don't have a machine...find one!

someone you know has one that doesn't use it anymore.

if you don't know where to start, find someone that know how to sew.

trade them babysitting or teach them something you know how to do in exchange.


happy sewing!


chelsea said...

Way to go, Toad!

dntbaker said...

this is so encouraging..i just bought my first machine with my tax money and i have no idea what to do with it! i just know i'm excited to learn what to do with it!

Julie said...

I just started to sew too! I love it! Thanks for the pep talk!

Jax Avery said...

Both projects are adorable! Thanks for sharing!

Janas Bananas said...

Em is doing soooo awesome. I love all my talented cousins...P.s.are you sending me sabliminal messages.. ;)

Abby said...

What the OWL?!?!

When I saw that I mentally went SHUT. UP.

Makin' it.

Thanks again for sharing some awesome stuff.

Emily said...

wow. i feel so honored to read this post. you are my mentor tanya. you've changed my life through sewing.;)

love ya.

Toad aka Emily:)

CarpioFamily said...

ok, put a loop of ribbon and a plastic bracelet and turn it into a wristlet like bella tunno's, just way cuter and cheaper. I made one for my daughter and it's so handy.

Neumaisse said...

I am so lucky that my Mom taught me the basics of sewing when I was really little. (About your Lucy's age, actually!!!) I am also so fortunate to have found the best thing EVER when I moved here to England-we have Dorothy the Mobile Sewing Tutor! How's *that* for convienient! She's 83 and what she doesn't know about sewing ain't worth knowing! My husband lvoing refers to her as our "Rent-A-Grandma"! :D She charges very, very little (about £5.00 an hour) and uses that money to take trips to see her grandkids all around the country. She is FAB!