Saturday, February 06, 2010

favroites from Dland

I have so many photo's it is hard to pick! I have narrowed it down to these 500 :o)

Here is my favorite photo. Lucy and I had just ran to the bathroom before getting in line for the rockets. We came back and my husband says to me "ummm did you pull her skirt up like that?" I looked over and she had hiked her skirt all the way up to her chest. I had to take a picture because she looked so darn cute!

(yes she is wearing her bubble skirt i made her, you can get the pattern in my etsy shop)

oh the tea cups. it was by far the kids favorite ride.

what the heck is trey doing in this photo?!

lucy wanted to have a pink teacup every time and she got what she wanted.

the kids liked to spin it very fast. mom and dad didn't.
uncle abe, trey is still talking about how you can spin the teacups the fastest!

that's my youngest sister emily holding our very pretty little niece ruby and my sister chelsea (ruby's mama) in the purple shirt.

for those of you who don't know my dad, he is definitely just a big kid. i am sure a lot of you can understand this, because i think a lot of dads are this way.

before we even entered the park, he was running around pushing the kids in this jogging stroller like a maniac. he had an audience of disney goers laughing and loving it.

trey and his cousin isaac waiting to get on the peter pan ride.

my mom and sister chelsea wanted to take lucy to see the princesses. my sister has been talking about wanting to do this with lucy for years. when they came back i looked through the pictures and started laughing.

she would not get within 5 feet of those princesses.

here she is with ariel.

her cousin miles couldn't get enough of the princesses. i have pictures of him hugging then and not wanting to let go.

but my little lu just wanted to look but not touch.

ok so seriously. i can't get enough of these pictures they snap of you while you are on the rides.

this one was by far my favorite of the whole trip.

it is of us on space mountain, which is a ride completely in the dark.
so we get off the ride to check out our picture only to find this...

when you first see this picture my brother-in-law abe stands out to you right? but look at my sister on the back right! what the heck is she doing?

i laughed until my stomach was sore.

emily, even though you have tried many a time to explain to me what you are doing in this photo, i still don't understand.

why is your tongue sticking out like that, and why are you making that face?

please explain this so we can all understand.

i bought my little lu this mini mouse phone.
she walked around the park "taking pictures" of everything.

this was too cute. lucy was playing one of those water shooting games, my husband was helping her and she totally won! i hurried and got my camera out in time to take this picture. she was so excited that she won!

that dumbo is her new favorite stuffed animal.

my dad with the grand kids and my brother spencer on the far right.

a cute picture of

trey, lucy, miles, and miles favorite penguin percy.

percy rode all of the rides with miles.

oh this was too funny! i was standing on a bridge waiting for everyone to float down on the Grizzly River Rapids ride. here is a picture of them when they came around.

my husband is saying "look trey wave to mom!"

right before they got drenched with water!

the best part is look at my dad on the bottom right.

he is totally pointing and laughing at them!

i know my dad well enough to know he is saying "ha ha you sorry suckers!"

trey was a good sport about it, and luckily mom had brought him an extra set of clothes.

i thought this was a cute picture of my dad and miles after the ride.

we had so much fun i can barely stand it!

thank you mom and dad for letting us hop in your RV and taking us to Disneyland.
that was the best Christmas present ever!

thank you abe and chelsea for letting us stay at your house and making us such awesome food!

love you guys!


Kimmie said...

I am a new addict of your blog. I so wish I had become addicted sooner so that I could have tried to convince you to be my friend earlier, so that I could have spent the day at Disneyland with you. I live 15 minutes away. Sounds totally creepy, right? I didn't mean for it to. :) Love the pictures. You guys are hilarious. Glad you had a good vacation! You'll hear from me again. That's supposed to make you smile. I'm sure you took it as a threat. :D

~Crystal~ said...

I love your pictures, looks like you had a blast! Glad you're back, I love checking your blog :D

The Weathered Cottage said...

HOLY COW! That's your dad?? He looks so young!! Looks like you guys had fun, love your blog!

Unknown said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE. The weather looked so GREAT too!! I can't wait to see those kids again.

jlthomas said...

Great pictures and stories! I'm completely jealous right now!

aunt choody said...

So funny!!! You got so many good pictures. FS!

Andrews Family said...

OH SO FUN!!! I was re-living DLand through your pictures. Looks like you guys went at a great time! I can't believe your dad...he looks like he's 20! I bet the grandkids just love him! Thanks for the fun post...I'm just sad we weren't there to see you guys again! Tell everyone hi!

Anonymous said...

Looks like alot of fun! Love the pictures!

Unknown said...

We are headed there next week and your pictures are making me even more excited!! I forgot your sister married Abe... small world. Fun post!

Amy said...

So, I saw you at Disneyland, but was too embarrassed to say hi or that I'm a HUGE fan of your blog (been following for awhile). So I'm telling you now. I love it! (and I promise - - I'm not a stalker)

Deon said...

I am not even sure how I found your blog (I know it was threw several links) But I just realized that your husband I am served in England together.. Tell him sis Whittemore says hello
Love your blog

Unknown said...

Looks like SOOO much fun! Lucy is so stinking cute :)

Kelly Munns said...

oh my gosh, i'm not done looking at the pictures yet, but i had to comment on the ride picture. i keep CRACKING UP looking at emily! hahahahahahaha! WHAAAT ARRRE YOOOOU DOOOOOOING?! and isaac is totally stoic. everything about that one is hilarious. your dad is such an awesome guy.

Kimmie @ Hello Mess said...

Got your email. You're awesome. :D

TheDixiePixie said...

It's me again - Leigh Ann from I just had to write to say that your dad must be one of the coolest dads/grandpas anyone could have. A Southwick shirt to Disneyland? I have so many pics of my parents and I with motocross tshirts on at DisneyWorld (we are east coasters =)) Once I had puberty and noticed boys, the motocross tshirts were no longer allowed on me, but my parents still wear them any time they aren't at work! I love the blog AND the bubble skirt pattern - I have already sold a couple! Oh, and after that picture of Mr. Lautner - I am so glad he turned 18 too!

~L~ said...

These photos are great. Are you using a point and shoot camera or what kind of camera are you using?