Tuesday, January 19, 2010

the night of all the bad pictures

i never make it to the mall.
i love the mall.
the kids (trey) hate shopping.
so a lot of my shopping comes from stores like Target, where there is a kids toy aisle.
i picked up this sweatshirt the other day.
green is my favorite color.
i loved the aged look of the fabric and the cream ties.
so i brought it home (after paying for it of course)...

i realize it is just a sweatshirt.
but i wanted to be cute in my sweatshirt.
it needed something.

out to my fabric bin i went.
i found this knit green fabric that was perfect.
i cut long thin strips of it.

sewed a long basting stitch down the middle
(stitch length 4, width 0)

pulled one thread and gathered the fabric.

pinned it to the sweater

stitched that baby down...and repeated till i had four ruffles.
two on each side.

i just love how it turned out!
then i tried to take a picture of it to share with all of you.
this is where it gets ugly.
i took so many pictures and couldn't get ONE stinkin' good one.
you can kind of get the picture though can't you?
humor me...

this one is ok too

then i remembered these super cute earrings that i made.
"these earring have to be shared with my bloggin friends, i'll snap a picture of the earrings and the sweater all at once i thought."
ummm no can't see the earrings or the sweater.
seriously i cannot take a picture of myself! some of the pictures i wasn't even in!

if only i had a facebook or myspace account maybe i would have had more practice at this :o)

there we go a picture of my crooked earring and my messy desk....

when cropped and zoomed you can kinda tell just how cute these earring are right???

(to make these earrings go to my tutorial here
then get the supplies you need here)

maybe you need to add ruffles to something!?

so um yeah...if you never read my blog again i totally understand :o)


Miss Madison's Mommy said...

The pics aren't that bad and your earrings are fun! I like the ruffles on the sweater and it makes me want to learn to sew or at least sew a ruffle :)

Stephanie said...

those earrings are super cute!! and you just gave me a great idea with those ruffles! way to improve a target experience ;)

Megan said...

personally - i loved the post. and the pictures. hahaha

greenbean said...

cute cute cute.. love it all.. and lol at the myspace comment.. those self portraits(look at me im so sexy) are the most hilarious/entertaining thing out there... i love adding my own flair to items.. i am a knitter so its usually funky flowers and such.. but i am dying for a sewing machine.

Chasey and Cash said...

You totally have to have a MYspace or FB to learn how to take pictures of yourself! I crack up at all the cheeseball self portraits on there! :) Yours are not that bad...and the sweatshirt is cute!!

RaeAnn said...

you are genius on so many levels. hey, I seem to recall trey taking a pretty good pic of you, right? Maybe he can be your "finished product" photographer.

Kristy Chuhaloff said...

Love the ruffles. Nice job! My sewing machine is out and ready to go! Thanks for the inspiration!

Wendy D said...

so creative. i love it

pam said...

you are adorable no matter what you say:) now I'm putting ruffles on the bum of my sweatpants. . .

Abby said...

i laugh heartily at the obsurd idea of never reading your blog again.


Forever Owen said...

The ruffles add the right touch! And the earrings are cute! Do you have a tripod? A tall one, like for video cameras? I do! It has attachment to make my digital cam sit on it too! Lifesaver for self or family portraits!

Jessica said...

I love how you add some details on your sweat shirt. Also, love those cute designs of your earrings. Maybe, I can also use them to design some of my handmade hair clip.

Lace said...

So so cute :)

Did you know if you just turn the tension up and set it to a long stitch, it will ruffle that strip up for you!? no pulling required! Once I figured that out... everything. was. ruffled!

Your blog is so cute! Can't wait to read more!

Tracy said...

I know how it is... it's so hard to take a good photo of yourself holding the camera out. You could try to set it on a high table and hit the timmer.

Cute idea, I'll have to try this one!

Grace said...

How absolutely adorable are you and your family?!
And you're so talented - I'm a bit envious!

<3 Grace.