Sunday, December 06, 2009


today i am exhausted. there just hasn't been much sleep around here. lucy hasn't been feeling well and has kept us up for 3 nights straight. we always have something going on, and it fells like there is never a break. never time for rest.

this morning i was feeling pretty discouraged. i have so much to do, so little time, and i feel like i might just fall over.

then i found these pictures...

(this is trey after one of our many adventures. visiting his cousins. he looked like we had killed him off with all of the fun. i got him a happy meal on the way home and set it right by him for when he woke up)

these pictures made me smile...

they reminded me of how lucky i am and how i need to enjoy this time...

i may be a very sleepy...but the things that have exhausted me are the things that are very most important. it's a good kind of exhaustion.


Janas Bananas said...

What a good mom with suchs a good attitutde. And it's true, that time goes by way tooo fast! I a finding myself thinking about that almost dailey as I watch my kids not be little anymore....its really a bitter sweet feeling. Hope you get some sleep soon!

Lindsey said...

Those pictures are precious! My daughter has been keeping me up as well and I have been feeling {on edge} a lot lately. Thanks for posting this. It reminds me to enjoy life and be lucky that I have such a fabulous daughter that needs me.
Enjoy your day and I hope it gets better soon for ya.

Abby said...

sweet post, tanya. oh, and one other thing...


chelsea said...

I wish that I could give you a nap on your birthday. And a snuggle story time for your cute kids. Happy Birthday!

Kelly Munns said...

did you get a new car?! i know you talked about it a long time ago, but never really noticed if you did or not. and happy happy birthday my dear manya :) miss you tons!

pam said...

oh how I miss you. You are such a great mama and friend and craft/sewing extraordinaire :).

Emily said...

Happy Birthday Tiger! I love those pictures!!

Santos khafilla said...

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