Friday, November 27, 2009

our thanksgiving

As we headed out the door yesterday all packed up and ready to spend the weekend at Grandma & Grandpas house, I noticed this sign taped to the door.

Trey had watched me tape sign to the door that said "garbage" so we wouldn't forget to set it by the curb on our way out.

He made this sign completely by himself !

He sounded out each word and it pulled at my little heart strings.

It says "I love Slimr."

Slimmer is our pet beta fish that we purchased about a month ago.
He made the sign so we wouldn't forget to feed him on our way out.

He even drew a picture of his fish bowel with little slimmer swimming around in it.

We hit a lot of traffic on the way to Grandmas, but we finally made it!

Here are the cousins together.
Lucy, Trey, & Greyson.

Grandpa Smith set up a kids table complete with tablecloth, napkins, and name tags.

Happy Thanksgiving from Trey & Lucy!


Mango Mom said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you as well, what a cute little note.

Lindsey said...

Your kids are so cute! Love the note too. Precious :)

{ L } said...

Too cute! Happy Thanksgiving. o

Janas Bananas said...

Completly adorable!! I love little kids and the cute things they do, always makes my day.

Sophia said...

Awww...your children are absolutely adorable!! :)

Kelly Munns said...

oh my gosh, trey is looking SOOOO OLD!!! and lucy...well she's just a mini you. adorable, obviously. love the note. he's so cute.