Thursday, June 18, 2009

I'm Back...

and I have plenty of pictures to show you!

But for those of you who think you might die from lack of creative ideas on my blog, here's one for ya.

Here I am at a fabric shop in Thailand.

I refrained from spending our entire savings at this store.

I came away with 2 yards of the cutest apple print, and I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it...

make the sweetest little tablecloth for my table.
I plan on making many more of these because they are so darn easy.

You will have to measure your table and buy your fabric bigger than your table.
My fabric was 54 inches wide and 2 yards long.

Iron the edges of the fabric over a little more 1/4 of an inch

then fold over once more and iron again

after you have finished ironing one side go to the next

when you get to a corner just fold one side on top of the other.

the corner will look like this.

then just sew the entire way around the table cloth about 1/4''.

Here is a tip. Most fabrics you buy at the fabric store are about 45 inches wide which is to skinny for most tables.

If you use home decoration fabric it is usually wider and a heavier weight which is good for a table cloth.

Here are some ideas for fabrics that you could use.
I love these from Amy Butler.

Ikea is also a great place to get fabric. It is usually nice and wide and they have great prices!!!

Happy sewing!


Emily said...

I was excited to see the fabric you picked on your trip! So fun!! I bet Travis loves it too...I know how he likes little "decorations". Another great idea!

Mr. and Mrs. Pope said...

yay you are back! and boy am i jealous of that fabric store! i had to wipe the drool from my lips! glad you are safe and had a great trip!

chelsea said...

I love it! I love apple prints.

pam said...

This post was for me, wasn't it :) I think I may get my sewing machine down and see if it works!

Stephanie said...

Welcome home!!
Love the fabric.. and job well done on not spending your life's savings!!!

Lindsay said...

Tanya! I can't believe you went to Thailand! That is so awesome! France served his mission there too and we look at flights and prices all the time and are just dying to go next summmer. Thanks for posting the pictures! I can't wait to tell France. :)