Wednesday, June 24, 2009

i took my camera to thailand


i get emails pretty often asking what kind of camera i have. its a nikon d40.
i got it a year ago and i have had a blast learning about photography and snapping away with it. get one and you won't regret it.

k, now that that's out of the way i want to talk about thailand. my sister-in-law margo spent 18 months in thailand on a church mission. she learned the language and has been back many times since her mission for work, and just for fun.

a few years ago i told her "margo if i am ever not pregnant or i don't have a little baby, when you go to thailand i would love to go with you."

well at the beginning of May she told me she was going. no prego...we booked tickets and 3 weeks later we were in thailand.

oh my did we have fun together. so many hilarious things happened while we were there.
at night, in our hotel we would giggle ourselves to sleep talking about the events that happened that day.

we giggled about the cockroach that i saw in our room. she heard me talking to it when i went over to the mirror to put on my make-up, "ok mr. cockroach, i am a really nice girl and i don't want to hurt you. i just need to put on some makeup so i don't scare these nice people in thailand."

she laughed at me when i screamed and ran to the other part of the room to escape from the lizard/salamander that was crawling up our wall next to my open suitcase.

we can now laugh about the car wreck we were in with our not so sober cab driver. but we weren't laughing then when we were in rush hour traffic and had to jump out of the crashed taxi and make a run for it.

i really enjoyed the beauty of thailand. there are so many gorgeous flowers.
it was incredible!

these are thai monks. we saw these nice men at the grand palace in bangkok. they were these orange robes everywhere they go.
they were very nice to let me take a picture with them. but i had to be sure not to touch them. that is a big no no.

i thought these little statues were so adorable.
just look how cute that little guy is.

bless this thai man. he had a little stand right outside our hotel in chiang mai. he whipped us up some very yummy food every morning while we were there.
i wonder if i could have convinced him to come back with me.

thailand part 2. coming soon!


Sara said...

hi tanya -- i'm marge's friend, hopefully you remember me? i came over from her blog, and wow, you have such a cute blog with so many fun ideas! I'm all about the sewing and crafting, too. Looks like we have a lot in common -- and it looks like our kids are similar in age. My Max just turned 4 and Ruby will be 3 in October. :)

How fun to find your blog!

Chad and Elizabeth said...

Thanks for always having fun ideas and showing us beautiful pictures from Thailand!

Ashley said...

Awesome. I am glad you could get away and have such a fun time. I love all the pictures, and synopsis of the funny stories. Glad you made it back alive. Can't wait for part 2

Em Russ said...

oh man, I'm so jealous!

chelsea said...

Look at those cool flowers! I am so in next time.

Hana said...

Great photos! Looks like a fun trip! Glad you had so much fun!!

RaeAnn said...

I love the pics and I love the commentary. I am so proud of you for GOING! I always want to do stuff like that, and I never make myself prioritize it. I can't wait for more details!

Skye and Aaron said...

I love all the pictures! My little brother is over in Thailand serving a mission! So it's so fun seeing your pictures and hearing about your trip! I got the hair clips and they're ADORABLE!!! Thanks so much for the great giveaway!!! Thanks also for the bandana dress tutorial! I've made so many my daughter will probably never have a chance to wear them all!!!

Kelly Munns said...

ok, first of all...i sat awake last night imagining you sweet talking to the cockroach. i pictured it perfectly, as if i'd heard you do it before. then i imagined what i'd say...not nearly as nice as you were. mine was like, "DIE DIE DIE!! I HOPE YOUR FAMILY DOESN'T SMELL YOUR DEATH AND COME FIND ME IN MY SLEEP!"

so...i was also thinking that trey boy is turning 5 soon. five, tanya. five years old!!!!!!!!!! holy smokes this is weird.

Abby said...

amazing pictorials my dear! so glad you got to go on that awesome adventure, and that we get to read all about it on your bloggy blog!