Monday, March 02, 2009

meet margo

this it travis's older sister margo. known to our kids as "aunt margie." they LOVE her.

she calls frequently and my kids can often be found roaming the house with my phone talking to her. she out of anyone will talk to my kids until they don't have a single thing left to say! she will never tell them she is too busy or that she has to go.

she is applying for "The Best Job In The World." The Caretaker of the Islands of the Great Barrier Reef. How great is that!? She has submitted this video for the job application process. If you have a second help her out and vote!

I promise to put something really great on my blog tomorrow if you do!


margethai said...

Thanks Tan!

Stephanie said...

AHA - Meet Margo! Jana has talked to me about cousin margo (good stuff - really! hehe) so it's nice to see a picture of her finally.

Daisha said...

Loved her video. That girl is always up to something fun and I hope she gets the job!

Stacey said... awesome. She should really win! Keeping my fingers crossed for her

Kelly Munns said...

i'm trying to vote...i don't understand! i am trying to boost her media coverage...put her on my blog, too!

Ashley said...

I can definitely appreciate some sister love! Hope she gets the job.

The Jen said...

Can't figure out how to vote, can you explain?