Tuesday, February 17, 2009

wedding day brawl

I am the oldest of 6 kids.

When I was a senior in High School my mom had the littlest guy.

His name is Spencer.

I just loved him and could barely stand be away from him when I headed off to college, he had just barely turned 1.

He was not very happy when my mom told him I was getting married.
He told her that he wanted to marry me.

We were a little worried about this.

Until mom asked him "will you let Tanya marry Travis if I give you an ice cream sandwich?"

He sold me out for that ice cream sandwich.

He was so cute in his little suit, everyone was loving him.

I think he may have stole the show on my wedding day.

K, so now that you have been introduced to Spencer, here is the story...

I am getting ready to throw my bouquet.
I must have been excited in this picture.
(what is up with the face i am making?)

My sister Chelsea is holding Spencer.
She was getting him
very excited about catching the bouquet.

My littlest sister Emily is at the bottom of this picture, getting ready as well.

So I throw the bouquet...

Emily catches it!
Everyone is so excited that she caught it.

*Except for Spencer who is clinching his fist

Here everyone still so excited for Emily...no one is paying attention to Spencer who is now raising his fist in the air getting ready to strike!

Here is the first blow to my sisters head....

Second blow....

poor emily is trying to save her tiara
(i don't know what is wrong with the lighting on this photo)

Finally Chelsea puts a stop to the beating.

Does this kind of thing happen in anyone else's family?


Dawn@Embracing the Ordinary Life said...

yup!! She should have just given him an ice cream sandwich!!

Michelle said...

LOL! How cute/funny is that!? I love it, thanks for sharing.

Stacey said...

How cute...he will get akick out of that when he is older. Show him those on his wedding day!

Ashley said...

That is so funny, I especially love that it was all caught on tape. Your sister is a good sport with a constant smile going admist the beatings:-)

Anonymous said...

Oh this is too funny. Siblings always fight, that's just the way it is suppsoe to be.

chelsea said...

I'm am laughing so hard tears are streaming down my face. That is SOOO funny!

Kelly Munns said...

hahahahaha! oh my gosh, tanya...i love the play by play. i'm laughing so hard over here! and ilove even when emily gets a smack down she's smiling. i want that gene!

Jill said...

Hi Tanya! That story is hilarious! And you looked gorgeous!

Janas Bananas said...

That was the best blog!! I laughed good and hard. I think everyones family is like that, or every child has hitting emotions right??? At least you have a great story to tell and its all on camera..You should do this story at his wedding witht he pictures and all, it would make for a great time.

Anonymous said...

Great moment an memory you got! Love your blog!

Tausha said...

Just found your blog and so glad that I am. What a cute family you have and such a fun wedding. YOu are one crafty cookie. Keep the ideas coming. I would love for you to stop and say hi!
I will be back!

Stephanie said...

Haha, nope never had fist fighting at a wedding I've been to. What amazes me is that it was all caught on camera - impressive!
I LOVE your sassy new 'about me' picture too.

Megan Marie said...

love it, love it. is there anything better than a picture story? love your new profile picture, too.

Anonymous said...

YES, sibling things like this happen in every family...though I have never heard a story quite like this one before *Lol* made my day, even read it to my hubby :) Love how you caught it all on camera, blackmail for future girlfriends, haha. OH! and I love all your craft ideas, I randomly found your blog and have been checking it often. Even did the valentine jars for the hubby, TOO cute :) Keep it all coming!

Jessica Stier said...

What great pictures from such a fun event! I love your site. I was sent here by Tara B. at pulishourstories.com I'm so excited to look through all your tutorials.