Wednesday, January 14, 2009

flying tomato

one of the best things about being a mom is getting to see your kids so something for the first time. during the christmas break, we couldn't get enough of the snow, so decided to head to the mountains. trey really wanted to have his try at snowboarding

travis showed him videos of professional snowboarders the night before to get him all excited about it.

the thing i was worried about the most, was the chair lift. he is only 4 years old for pete's sake! those things are dangerous. i told travis before he took him on, "i will kill you if he falls off that chair lift."

luckily they saw this little guy coming and this nice man helped trey get right on.
so i thought, for a second...

but wait a minute, he isn't on! travis for the love get that kid on that chair lift!

as travis is pulling trey on correctly he looks up to see if i am watching.

oh yes you better believe i am buddy! you are lucky!

then he give me the thumbs up to let me know everything is ok.

i waited and waited for them to come down. i was getting a little worried, when finally i spotted them!

phew! they are alive and looking well. i was expecting travis to be snowboarding right next to trey, holding him up as he went. when suddenly travis just sends the kid down the hill!

he was going pretty fast! i was just waiting for him to catch an edge and slam right into the snow.

but he didn't...

he just kept coming. you can see how far he has stayed up from looking at the orange flag where he started.

he was really flying at this point, and getting closer and closer to me. i started to run after him to try to stop him.

he saw what i was doing and started yelling "no mom no!"

so i did what it is so hard for moms to do, and let him go. he zoomed past my like a professional.

it was really an amazing thing to watch. he picked up snowboard just like that. travis said he was trying to instruct him on what to do, but he didn't want any part of it and just took off!

now he wants nothing more in his life than a snowboard of his very own.

my dad and little brother spencer came up for the day as well. spencer tried his luck at skiing and really did a great job!

my dad loves lucy, and she loves him. she usually goes running to him with open arms.

but, it was kind of funny because she didn't want anything to do with him in his ski get up.

if you are wondering what lucy and i were up to while travis and trey were skiing. you are looking it it right here. this is probably the 11th snowball this little darlin' ate. she couldn't get enough of them!


Stephanie said...

WOW!! I am impressed with that little guy!! I think he did better than me :S

Em Russ said...

that's hilarious. I can't believe he did so awesome and that picture of Lucy eating a snowball is oh so cute!

Frank and Annie said...

That is so Awesome!! Looks like Trey is real natural... like his Dad. Snowboarding is so much Fun and very addictive...just one reason it took me 7 years to get through college :)

jeff and pam said...

oh wow. . . okay, first of all, I cannot even believe that. When you told me before, it didn't even register. . . I cannot believe he went up the chair. And to just go like that--down the hill -- seriously. . . CRAZY! wowzers Tanya, that little trey has got it all. AND really, can that little lu-lu get any cuter. nice photo work, my friend.

Emily said...

Dear Trey,
I miss you. I am happy we will go there someday. Trey you are my best friend and I miss you very much. I'm super happy to come there someday. And that's all. I'm done talking.
Love, Ethan

Kelly Munns said...

haha little cute! i can't believe how well trey did! that is just nuts. and i know how hard it is to step back when isaac wants to get off the couch by himself...i just can't imagine stepping aside when the flying tomato comes down at mach speeds! you're a good mom. ps. isaac gets really freaked out when derik wears a hood. kids....

Ashley said...

Wow I am seriously impressed, but mostly with you. How Brave to not serve as a stopping barrier. Trey really is stud. I hope you Taught Lucy the valuable lesson of not eating yellow snow!

Anonymous said...

Oh man. How cute. I have a feeling that is going to be Wyatt in a few years! Trey is probably better than I am

The Andrews said...

What a stud!!! I am so jealous that he's big enough to snowboard! Those were some great pictures by the way! I love how you just capture EVERY little moment!

Hey, quick question? How do you get those thick black lines around all of your pictures on your blog. If it's too complicated to explain-don't worry-I just think they look so much better than my scrawny little ones.

Michelle said...

Whew, nerve-wracking! He did better than I would do! Good for him!

The Jen said...

Oh I am so jealous. We want to take kids snowboarding so bad. We took Gwen sledding in Oregon over the break (really sorry we did not even call while we were there, things were a little crazy-on top of the weather-) and Gwen was begging to go inside after 5 minutes. When I got her in the car she said, "I don't like snow". Ha ha ha. Maybe it would help if she actually had snow gear and we didn't just put socks on her hands.

Anyway, Trey is a stud and I am thoroughly impressed!

Good job buddy!

chelsea said...

Trey is officially more talented than his dear old Aunt Choody.

RaeAnn said...

yes, he is much better than me...just ask pam and jeff who waited at the bottom for me as I cried my way down. good times. Oh, and I love your camera work. Oh, and why do all of my friends keep trying to steal you from me? Oh, and another friend of mine used your tutu tutorial with her whole neighborhood...many lurkers.

jeff and pam said...

no one cares about fart moments. . . hahaha

Abby said...

Okay, seriously I am amazed that Trey picked up snow boarding like that. He looked like a little pro!

And seriously. Lucy. Is. The. Cutest.

Emily said...

Matt says:"Travis has been watching snowboarding videos the night before since he used to go with scott davis and frank taylor."

Toad: Love that kid.