Wednesday, November 19, 2008

a turkey for your fridge

my sister-in-law requested a thanksgiving craft for kids. so this ones for you toad! (i don't really know why we call her that...i married into the family and don't ask questions.) love ya toad!

the kids have enjoyed taking it up and down and rearranging the feathers.

trey made this little guy! i think it is adorable. you'll have to zoom in on it so you can see those little eyes he drew.

i made a feather template and had trey trace it. tracing is good for these little guys especially at this age.

then cut them out.

whoooa! what the heck is going on with that bed head. does that kid have a mom!!??
why doesn't she comb his hair??!!!

we used the sticky magnets on a roll and stuck them to the top of each feather. i got this at joanns.

then cut out a turkeys body. looks kinda like a peanut. cut out a feet, a gobbler, a beak, and i used googly eyes. trey drew his eyes.

glue the face and feet. stick a magnet to the back of the turkey as well.



Abby said...

As usual, another great idea! I swear, Tan, you're better than Martha.

Ashley and Nolan said...

That cool that they can move the feathers around. Thomas may be too young to make one but he loves fridge art!

Emily said...

love it. can't wait to do it. thanks tan!

ps grandma johnson named me toad because when I was a babe taking a bath she thought i looked like a toad swimming.:)

Victoria said...

What a great idea! I will have to do this with my daughter.

Frank and Annie said...

Bed head is totally in! I prefer bed head as my hair style. No worries. Nice job on the Turkeys...think I could get Kyson to make one for our fridge? He is almost three months old, I think he has the coordination...well he can hold up his head atleast. Looking forward to seeing you guys at Christmas time! -Frank

Anonymous said...

Tanya....I could see you on one of those late night shows at like 3 in the morning showing the audience how to make something crafty. You never run out of ideas!

Janas Bananas said...

My favorite part was the random bead head!! lol..I love that..qwe all think we are ok to not do their hair, we are after all at home and noone is around right??? till we pull out the camera and then we are busted!! Great idea by the way!! My friend has now sneaked on your page to steal your ideas..Thats how cool you are!!

High Heels and a Sippy Cup said...

I putting this on my list of things to do with my boys this week. they are gonna love it!

jeff and pam said...

so fun. . . trey is such a good little crafter AND as far as the bed head goes--these days he has nothin on nk. . . I swear it stands like a foot out. haha. . .remember when I used to get bed head like that? and I was 19. . .ohh and let me comment on the star too--brilliant. I love it. its so fun to see what you come up with even if I'm going to have to wait until I'm old and gray to do them :)