Wednesday, July 09, 2008

who's dad is the biggest pushover?

this guy right here. travis took one look at this waterslide, I saw a twinkle in his eye, and I knew it was coming home with us. It has been hours and hours of backyard fun!


Johnny said...

Come on, you have to at least make them spend one summer on an old school slip'n'slide. They need to get all scraped up when they fly off the end into the grass and dirt. They have to know the bad the appreciate the good. You guys have no where to go but down now. Lets see some pictures of Travis going down. That looks like fun.

Ashby Family said...

yes, we love that slide! wish you could bring it with you when you come! miss you all.
PS Every morning when Ethan wakes up he asks: "Is Trey is coming today?"

PaR said...

That thing looks freaking awesome. Do you think it could work as your carry-on to Boise? Oh crap, that's what the person before me commented. no originality here. nope.

The Andrews said...

Oh my gosh....Jayden would go ABSOLUTELY crazy over that! Trey has got the raddest dad...I'm sure Shane would have given in too if we had a back yard big enough. Good job Travis-you win the Dad of the Year award!