Monday, July 07, 2008

4th of July Fun!

Here is a summary of our 4th of July fun.

We spent a night at the Oregon Coast. This is a picture Travis's Sister Emily took of Trey and cousin Ethan. They had many many smores that night.

After the coast we headed to Grandpa and Grandma Smiths house. This is Lucy in Grandmas Garden eating peas.

One of the things we love most about Oregon are the berries! Lucy figured out a way to eat Grandmas Rasberries right off the vine.

Looks like cousin Ethan loves Rasberries too!

There must have been a little bug or something in Treys's berry.

We also went strawberry picking. The kids ate more than they picked. This is Lucy with her Aunt Margo(travis's sister).

Margo's friend Dennis came to visit with her from St. George, UT. The kids think he is the greatest thing and had such a fun time with him.

No! These kids did not commit a crime...that's their strawberry stained hands after pickin berries.

What do we do with all of the berries we pick here? Well mostly we just eat tons and tons of them but...

We also make jam!

I have talked before about how wonderful Grandpa & Grandma Smiths backyard is. They have this really fun tree swing. The kids spend hours on it. So did Travis as you can see. He was getting the most "air" on the swing.

And so did Aunt Marg. She was doing these hilarious poses on the swing and I couldn't get enough of them!

Here is another. She should be professional ice skater with that kind of gracefullness.

Look how high she is getting!

Here are Marg & Dennis performing a dangerous tandem trick.


Ashby Family said...

We miss you guys. On the way to the airport Ethan had a big tears in his eyes. Everyday Ethan asks if you are coming. Thanks for such a great time!!
PS Marge is a wild woman in these pictures! Love the berry pictures too.

The Andrews said... Denise and I went to High School together, we even went to a dance together :). We were great friends-he's fun huh! Small world!

The Andrews said...

Sorry I spelled Dennis wrong...I thought it looked funny. I am in the middle of writing an email to my friend Denise and got a little confused :)

Kimberly, Dan & Carter Black said...

It looks like you guys had lots of fun on the 4th! The strawberries look so yummy!

chelsea said...

Those pictures are amazing! You are a professional I think.

Kelly Munns said...

i love the look on dennis' face in the picture where travis is getting some serious air. it's so hilarious. it was so good to see margo at trey's bday. she is so fun and i just loved catching up! and she's obviously quite the graceful swinging olympiad :)