Tuesday, July 15, 2008

i needed a little something for my wall

*i have gotten comments saying this looks too hard to make. it really was so easy, and it only took about 30 minutes! the frame is really simple it just pushes right together. email me if you have any questions. i know i am bad at explaining things...travis tells me daily :o)

i had seen a fabric wrapped canvas before and decided to give it a try. i'll show you how here we go...

what you need:

1. 4 lengths of canvas frame from your art store for wrapping canvas

2. heavy weight fabric with a large print (these are from ikea i couldn't decide)

3. staple gun

4. hammer (you may need this to help the frame go together...i just used my husbands strong muscles)

5. little wooden wedges they give you at the art store to help support the frame (optional)

push the corners of the frame together. they are made to just slide right in with a little strength.

push wooden wedges into corners for support(these are optional)...i have no idea if i did them right anyway:o)

lay frame on fabric and cut fabric about 1 3/4 inches bigger

staple all along one long lenght of the frame, then do the opposite side, pulling it very tight. Next do the short lenths, one at a time.

did any of that make sense :o) you get what you get here folks.

when you get to the corners fold them in kind of like you are wrapping a present and staple

i'll have to admit i really did feel kind of cool using this staple gun.

*cost of this project:

frame $12

fabric $9


not too shabby! and so much fun!


Em Russ said...

ok. you are too cool. I love this project! (Though, my favorite part was about Travis's strong muscles.) Keep the cute stuff coming! (P.S. Thanks for the magnets! We LOVE them!)

RaeAnn said...

ok, you lost me at the putting the frame together thing. so cute. can you stay a couple extra days and awesome-up my house?

Kelly Munns said...

you are ridiculous. where can i sign up to be wonder mom? seriously, where do you find the time to do this?! you are amazing!

Kelly Munns said...

and i love the fabric! it looks sooo good!

Lyndsie said...

that turned out great! i love the fabric you chose! but yes, it seemed a bit too advanced for me...i don't know if i could figure out the frame thing...call me stupid, but it seems complicated to me. you may have to give me a tutorial by mouth once we're in boise!! only a week and half left till i see you???!! yay!! :)

Ashby Family said...

You get another vote for me for mother/woman of year. love it. maybe when you come you can make one for my house too...:) well, that's after you make the baby's announcements and everything else you will do to help me.:)

Court and Brade said...

You are one talented crafty cute little woman! serious! I love your projects. I was just telling my hubby how you made your own wedding dress. He was like "wow, you should hang out with her... she could teach you a lot!" ha ha but then I told him the wedding dress story, which still makes me sick... and I'm sure you sick too... Anyway, I love the fabric, it is a cute pattern, and looks great on your wall! you go girl. oh ya, and I showed brade your kids and he about died.. he was like "they are SUCH cute kids.. wow" ha ha

The Jen said...

Love the crafts...all of them, and I am going to try the "wall hanging fabric thing-a-majiggy" (copyright to name pending) as soon as we get to Albuquerque.

The Andrews said...

That totally made sense! I love that you lay out your directions step by step because then people like me can do them too :) ha ha! Keep doing this...I have gotten some great ideas from you! Love you tons!

Daisha said...

LOVE it! It's so cute . . . can't wait to have a house so I can try my hand at making this.

jeff and pam said...

Okay Tanya, you may have started the transformation of a lifetime. . . yes, I may try this craft too. . .oh man, so excited. I think I can I think I can. . .it looks pretty sweet!

Heather said...

question for ya... have you ever wrapped canvas? I have some friends with a print business who inexpensively will print on canvas.


I thought it would be fun to blow up images of my kids or a wedding photo. I thought I could wrap my own canvas but I'm wondering if it would be harder than wrapping the material. What do you think?


Kilipohi said...

makes sense to me...I just need to figure out what fabric I want and where I'm going to put it!