Sunday, June 29, 2008


Handpicked by Trey:

Emily Russ

I will get them out sometime this week!


Em Russ said...

whoo hoo! Thanks Mr. Trey!

Lyndsie said...

such cute magnets tanya! you're just lil' miss crafter go-getter! and i love that story and pictures of lucy...she is sooooooo cute...i really can't wait for boise! :)

The Popes said...

douh!! i am just catching up on blogs and saw that i missed yet another wonderful craft drawing. you are so good to make extra and have a give away! lucky for us we'll get to see the real deal at rae babe's house!!

RaeAnn and Paul said...

OH my oh my oh my! Go Trey!! here is my address:
12447 w. huntly dr.
boise, id 83709
For any weirdos out there, please don't read my address and come and visit me, OK?

Kelly Munns said...

i'm totally coming to visit you, raeann now that i know your address! and i think i'm gonna steal the magnets that should have been mine. i bet he got us confused with each other just like with the whole slim jim dealio! we're definitely going to talk about this when we get to boise so you guys can try to jog my memory!