Thursday, February 14, 2008

So I haven't found my cord yet to post pictures from Christmas. But family has been good to send me thought I would post them.
My family snapped these first three at my parents house Christmas night. I think Lucy is hilarious in the picture of the grandkids. She has one sock and what looks like tape stuck to the bottom of her foot. She was looking pretty haggard after a long Christmas day.

This picture is of Lucy and her Uncle Peter(Travis's little brother). He is good uncle and is a fan of little Lucy. His wife Mary is due to have a baby boy in the next couple of weeks! He will be a great dad!


The Popes said...

yippee some pictures!! ya right like your kids could ever look haggerd-you totally let them be kids (tape on fee and all!) thanks for the update! we have definitely gotta find a mtg ground so we can all get together. i can't belive i've never met the cute kiddos! time is flying way too fast! spring break in AZ - yup that sounds fabulous- see you then :)

Ashby Family said...

so who's bending down behind peter and lucy that picture?:) love the pictures. love those kids.

Kelly Munns said...

yeah! i love those pocs...even though i saw most of them on chelsea's blog :) i love that one of peter and lulu. it's really cute! i cant believe it's already time for him and mary! craaazy! exciting for them, though! ok see you soon, right? :)