Thursday, June 17, 2010

it hurts to be crafty/button earrings with bows

my two sister's were at my house last night.
we headed to joanns for a quick craft run.

when we got there we realized that ALL OF THE BUTTONS WERE 50% off!
they still are by the way.

we said a prayer of thanks :o) and proceeded to buy buttons to make button earrings.


we fell in love with so many buttons that had the two sewing holes (the ones without the shanks).
usually i wouldn't even consider buying these for earrings but they were too cute to pass up.

check out these beauties.
black lace buttons are you kidding me!?


we figured out a way to hide the holes.

put some super skinny ribbon through...


and tie a bow!


glue your post pad to the back with hot glue.


we could not get enough of them!

they turned out so darling!

i am wearing these right now.


here are all the button earrings i made with bows.


why it hurts to be crafty:

the party lasted until about 2:30 am.

we were tired and giggly.


we were using my button shank remover to remove the backs of the buttons with shanks.

the shanks were flying everywhere!


so my sister chelsea had this great idea to remove the shanks inside a plastic joann's bag so they wouldn't fly all over the place.

it seemed to be working fine until wham....


our youngest sister emily shrieked in pain.

a button shank had hit her right on the lip and given her a fat lip.

i told her to suck it up and to carry on when wham i get hit on the side of the head with a shank.

what the heck is going on we all wondered?!


we confiscated the bag my sister was using only to find dozens of tiny holes in it.

they shanks were breaking through the plastic bag!

we laughed and laughed and made my sister use a paper grocery bag which did the trick.

(you can see my sister here in the back ground thinking this is oh so funny. she never got hit with the shank. she was indeed the shank shooter.)


here are all the button earrings i made last night.


these sail boats needed me...


these lavender rosettes sang to me....


these ruby reds hopped right into my basket on their own...


i may just go find me a sailor and sail away with these anchors...
*note to husband...SAILOR and SALESMAN are not the same thing

these reminded me of my sister-in-law stephanie she may be getting them in the mail if she sends me her address...


i lost my big fake diamond earring a couple of weeks ago. we found these awesome diamond buttons were the perfect size and the cheapest and best fake diamond earrings i have ever owned.

love them!


you can buy the post pads for the earrings in packs like this at joanns.

i think they were $2.99 for a pack of 24 pairs.

30% off right now!


get your girls together and make these earrings.

if you need more instructions on making the button earrings you can go to this post i did awhile back.

i am tanya

with button earrings with bows in my ears

signing out


Jax @ AlyandAsh said...

True Love! Oh my goodness I am headed to Joanns first thing tomorrow morning! I LOVE the ribbon through those little buttons! Simply adorable! Thanks so much for posting!

Aurora said...

So cute!!! You guys did a great job!

Matt 'n Erin said...

Why did not heed the call to craft? I hate myself for not coming over last night. The extra sleep didn't even help. I suck at life.

Ps. my word verification right now is crabi. go figure

Tanya said...

erin i will never forgive you. yes i will just come over so we can make them.

Andrea said...

Amazing! You keep on going!! I love that you have tons and tons! You can't ever have too many button earrings right?

And, man... I totally wish I was your sister in law! :)

Amy @ A Place in This World said...

I love your blog! I am cracking up all of the time! And also wanting to go to Joann's!

Skye said...

This makes me so sad we don't have a Joanns up here in Canada. There's honestly no where to find cute buttons....looks like i need to take another road trip.

ificould said...

These are adorable! What a cute idea! I posted a link on my blog:

Thanks for sharing!

Country Girl in the City said...

Wow, these are sooo cute. Just found your log today, LOVE it!!!

Unknown said...

Love it. Again.:)

Stooph said...

tan, you know me so well. I saw those little girls in the background of the picture and wanted them! you will be getting my address shortly. :)

and choody looks gorgeous! can't wait for her to pass through!!

Julia said...

Love 'em!

prettybaby said...

L-O-V-E - love this! i am not crafty but have the new Martha encyclopedia and am still trying to figure out which project to try first. i think i'll try yours first! thanks! xx

* Nancy * said...

You girls know how to have fun! Love the button choices and ideas - thanks!

Heather said...

*LOVE* these! I will definitely be getting a button shanker (I don't know if that's the correct verbage! haha)

Kelly said...

if I provide you my address...might those wind up in my mailbox? :) Off to buy some shanks! Shanks! (you know, like 'Thanks' but Shanks...hum...)

Joanne said...

These are absolutely divine! Featured in my week in review post today!

Pam said...

Looks like you girls had a blast, thanks for sharing.

Aisyah Helga said...

Too cute!! I've linked this tutorial to my blog to share with my readers. Thanks for sharing!

Kara @ Mine for the Making said...

So adorable! Great idea

I gave you an award :)