Thursday, January 28, 2010

lucy's little nook questions answered

i have received questions about lu's little nook, so i decided to just answer them all at once!

here are the items on her wall. all purchased at goodwill.

now that i look at this little plaque, i think it's kinda cute. vintage. i would have left it like it was if i could go back. ha!

anyway i just took paper and cut it to the correct size.

i covered the plaque with mod podge, placed the paper on top, and mod podged a top coat.

i really wanted an oval picture frame for her wall and this one was the perfect size.

i just removed the old picture and glass.

i spray painted it using krylon spray paint in ballet slipper.

this is my very favorite little girl pink color. they sell it at wal-mart.

then i filled the frame with this print from dazeychic on etsy.
she has the cutest pictures. check out her you dropped from heaven print.
it comes in little girl or boy. so cute!

the picture was square and wouldn't fit in my frame, so i just made a matte using green polka dot scrap booking paper.

for the dresser i used rustoleum spray paint in candy pink.

i actually wanted to your the krylon in ballet slipper to match the frame, but i misplaced it, so i had to go with the rustoleum from home depot. it isn't that much different. i just like the paler pink better.

the bunny i made for lucy is made from this pattern. i made it without the bib and skirt. the pattern is in my etsy shop if you want to check it out.
i made lucy hers for easter last year.

the size of the bed is toddler. we just moved her crib mattress right over.
someone asked how much the wood cost. i don't remember.
i do remember my brother giving me the top of not buying wood at home depot though.
he said it is way cheaper to go to a lumber store.

so there you have it. now get your hineys to goodwill, home depot, or the a lumber store!


Nikki@KreativeKnack said...

This is adorable. I wish I had some pink in my life. I myself have 2 boys, and am working on my 18 mo. olds big boy room now...awesome tip on the bed...I'm definitely gonna look into that! have a wonderful blog! very inspiring.

Unknown said...


Margaret said...

Thanks so much for sharing:) Sometimes I wish our kids wouldn't be sharing a room so I could give my little girl a pink room. Eventually though!

Anonymous said...

your so crafty!! I love it!

greenbean said...

i showed the bed to my SO last night.. he loved it.. and said.. i can do that.. sure:) i just can't forget about it till next year.

Anonymous said...

Thanks I just love the pink!

Cristin // Simplified Bee said...

Love the pink bedside table!

I have a Lucy too. :-)


RaeAnn said...

i tried to spraypaint a shelf, really i did, but it ended up all blotchy and uneven. Any tips or is it just my unartistic nonabilities?

Heather said...

I thank you so much for answering all the questions!! And I'm just head over heels for the print and the bunny....HEAD over HEELS I tell you!

I don't have a sewing machine and it's killing me to miss out on these great projects.

Like I know how to use one of those things...

but still...killing me....

Melissa said...

So cute! Chasey has those boots!! :)