Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Camera Coats

I have honestly been WAITING forever to share Camera Coats with you guys.
Years ago, while waiting in the It's A Small World line at Disneyland, my Sister-in-law Emily told me about this idea she had.  I told her it WOULD BE BIG!  

(Emily and I on that very trip in California where she got the magical idea.)

A couple of years ago she sent me one of the very first ones she made and I COULD NOT have lived without it.

I recently got a new camera (because my other one was stolen along with my camera coat) and I did not have a Camera Coat for it, so my camera just sat on the shelf until my Camera Coat arrived in the mail!

Honestly one of my all time favorite products hands down!

  It's the perfect way to protect your camera without the bulk of a big camera bag.

Look what an amazing job she has done!

Are these not just so cute!?

 Love those mustard yellow flowers.

*Just so you know once style is gone, she will never bring back that exact style.

The chevron is awesome too!

There is a perfect little clip that you can attach to your camera so you don't lose it.

(The first model she sent me did not have the clip.  I found myself chasing after my camera coat after the tide at the Oregon coast swept it right up off the ground.)

They also come in cotton laminates that protect your camera from the rain as well!

Emily is offering Trey and Lucy readers:

25% off 
Until May 12th

Code: TreyandLucy25
Think Mother's or Father's Day gift ideas.
If you have a camera you should not be living without a Camera Coat.


The Hendricks Family said...

LOVE! I have wanted one of these forever.. just ordered the light blue!

Emily said...

Can you believe it?! Thanks for the great post Tan. I have to let everyone know how you inspired me to go for it and have been there each step of the way!

Thank-you forever. Go Camera Coats! Oh, kudos to your husband and my brother Travis...I bet you never knew you'd marry a model.
Love ya, Toad

PS I love that you are straight from church and I'm straight from the beach in that picture...:) Fun times.

Emily said...

PS Maybe we should do a little giveaway?!

Megan Marie said...

love! i will have to drop a few mothers day hints!

you can call me aunt choody said...


kilipohi said...

Love these! I can't wait to order one.

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