Monday, March 26, 2012

more than just a trim

I had planned on just getting my hair trimmed a tiny tiny bit.  I have been wanting to go shorter for awhile, but just haven't been able to muster up the courage. 

It was a stressful drive through downtown Portland to meet up with my husband so we could tag team with the kids.  After struggling to find him, find a place to park, and running the streets of downtown so I wouldn't be late; I sat down in that salon chair, looked at myself in the mirror red faced and disheveled, and in that moment I finally found the courage..."cut it....just cut it." I said.

My stylist could tell that this was a rash last minute decision and tried to talk me out of it.  But I held strong.

Here is an after picture I took with my phone as a request from my sister:

It goes up into an Aline in the back.  It's a nice change and I am glad that I did it!  I am still getting used to it though and the extra little bit of time it takes for me to do.  Who knew shorter hair would take more time to style?!  

Anyway, maybe it's time for everybody to just go chop of their hair?!

What do you say ladies?!


Ashley said...

I absolutely LOVE your hair!!!! It frames your face perfectly!
After every baby I always chop mine off too. Change is good. :)
Have a great Tuesday!

Saville Family said...

After years of short hair, I'm giving in to the request of my hubby and growing mine out. Figures that now everyone is cutting their hair now! Super cute!

Lindsay said...

Ohhhh gorgeous! I can't do it yet. Sam pulls all my hair out already. It's in a bun on top of my head half the day! You LOOK BEAUTIFUL. As usual. :)

Steph @ Crafting in the Rain said...

Looks really cute! I'm trying to grow out my hair to about the length you have right now :) Love the wave in it too!

Megan said...

It looks great! I chopped and donated 11 inches at 5 months pp. A lot like yours. I've never been so happy with a haircut before. Everyone should do it!

Kadie Dahl said...

I think it is super darling! I'm trying to grow my hair out and sometimes I just want to go chop it off! It drives me sooo nuts!

Melendez Family said...

Since I have seen you in person with the cute new cut - I was thinking this post was going to be another, perhaps super short cut. So my response was "that's it??" Haha - it is a great change! AND - why is it that stylists always try to talk us out of a cut? It's just HAIR, it grows back!

jlthomas said...

Love it!

Brittany* said...

I haven't read your blog since your post months and months ago about how sick you were. I am so happy to see that you made it through and you now have a sweet baby girl: ) I just noticed that you live in Oregon too...small world. Thank you so much for all of your sweet stories and projects.

Megan Marie said...

cute cute cute.

so sad to head you guys haven't been feeling well.

so sad to have just missed getting to hang out with you at your family's place.

so happy that you get to go have some fun this weekend! enjoy it!

Pam said...

oooh, do you love it?! You could do anything with your hair Tanya, and look amazing! And you don't have to encourage me to cut off my hair... I think I may need encouragement to grow it. The other day an lady called me "sir"...

Brittany* said...

I want to add to my above comment...I just found out that you know my sister in law from church in Albany. She is Melissa Harmon. She told me that your fruit salad got her through after her surgery, she loved it. I just thought I would share this random tid bit-I had no idea you lived near me, let alone knew my family : )

Sky said...

I had a seriously bad, and I so mean SERIOUSLY BAD, experience with a short hair cut in college and ever since I've sworn I'd die with long silver hair before I did it again! Yours looks awesome though! Glad that you weren't remorseful after- that's the pits! Hope you have a great rest of the week and Easter weekend!

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