Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I love the baby

is the number of pictures I have on my iphone.
Most are of Charlotte.
It's ridiculous.

I honestly really just can't help myself.

Here are a few:

Last week we went to the Great Wolf Lodge in Washington with the kids and had the best time.
This is Charlotte's first time in a swimsuit.  

Lucy pushing Charlotte in our luggage cart at the hotel.

Charlotte and I watching Lucy at Gymnastics.
She is the happiest baby, it's really quite amazing.

 This is the greatest picture, it was actually taken and sent to me by my sister Emily. 

 Charlotte's first time in a swing!
She is very brave little thing and loves it when we throw her around.

Snuck a picture of Charlotte at church :o)

Laying down with big brother.
Why is it so much fun to lay on the ground and play with a baby?

Here we are taking Charlotte to the park for the first time!
Thank you Oregon for giving us a few nice days this winter!

I love it when she raises her eyebrows like this.

 Charlotte and I.

With daddy.

Mama and baby getting ready for church.

Joining in on the fun at Cousin Greyson's "Mario" Birthday Party.

How many pictures do you have on your cell phones?
Out with the numbers.


Meme said...

I totally understand. I have 515 photos on my phone and nearly all are of my granddaughter. Gotta love those sweet faces.

Tanya said...


Oh how wonderful! I think that is just so sweet. A grandmother that has that many pictures of her granddaughter sounds like a good one to me!

PDCScarbroughpage said...

She is so so cute! I LOVE that swimsuit!

joolee said...

she is absolutely darling!! i think i may be the LAST person in the world with a flip phone...i have no clue how many pics are on there, but i've had it for about 5 yrs., so there are PLENTY! (and yes, they're all of my kiddos, mind you.) :)

deveney said...

oh my goodness! what a little doll you have! and koodos to you my friend, you look great, your nails were painted and your hair done-amazing! i only have about 300 on my phone, but baby Tucker is due the first week of june and i am sure that number will increase quickly! glad to see you are doing so well:)

Me said...

I've had my current phone since last November and I have 458 photos. 99% of them are of my kids. :)

I love Charlotte's ruffled bathing suit!
Can I ask where you got it?

Tanya said...

I got my phone in September so it looks like we take about the same amount of pictures :). I got the swimsuit at baby gap and I saw that they were still there a couple of days ago on sale rack.

Tanya said...


I am so excited for you to have baby number 2! The second baby is so special because by now you are a seasoned mama and you get to relax and have so much more fun than the first time around! Good luck!

jlthomas said...

She has so much character! I love that big smile!!!

Tanya said...

I love it that you still have a flip phone! I would probably still have one myself if my husband hadn't taken it upon himself to me a new one.

Tanya said...

I was checking up on you not too long ago and saw that you had your baby! He us amazing and so are you for making it through such a hard pregnancy. I still cry daily thinking back to mine. How have you been post pregnancy?

Tanya said...

Thanks Laurie! She is just the greater baby. How are you and your family doing?

angela said...

500 something... when i last checked the number several months ago. now? who knows.

Lindsey said...

Oh my goodness, how can you help it with all those perfect smiles she's giving you? I have a 1-year-old who could care less about smiling for the camera - I gave up a long time ago trying to get good pics, lol. (Though he is finally getting better about it - one of my most recent blog posts is him in a photo shoot that turned out awesome!)

She is totally adorable and I love the way you dress her. :) Ruffles galore!

Brittney said...

Haven't been able to check out any blogs lately since the birth of my sweet baby girl, LUCY!! I miss it! I was thinking you should rename your blog "TLC" since you now have Trey, Lucy, and Charlotte and you certainly know how to show a lot of TLC! Just a thought:) Your babies are so beautiful, btw!!

Tiffani said...

Charlotte is definitely your daughter :)What a happy little girl.

Katherine said...

She is so cute. I love her little grey sweater!! :) Adorable!

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