Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Valentine Jars

HELLO!  Gosh Darn it it has been too long!

But the kids and I wanted to say hello.  We are once again making Valentine Jars for  the people we love and appreciate!

We kept them so fun and simple this year so that the kids could make them themselves!

We just save jam and sauce jars and then take a trip to the store and pick out all kinds of little goodies to put inside.

We fill the jars with candy, punch circles out of card stock, and tie them on with ribbon or this year we used bakers twine.

We like to take a look at what kinds of candy are inside and think of a clever saying to write on the tags.

We made a tag for the jar on the left that contained Hershys Hugs & Kisses and Chocolate Covered Gummy Bears that said:

Happy Valentines Day!

Bear hugs and kisses,

Trey, Lucy, & Charlotte

The jar in the right has Tootsie Rolls and Hershys Kisses in it, and the tag reads:

Hey Toots,
Hope you have a Wonderful Valentines Day!


Trey, Lucy, & Charlotte

The kids made these for their teachers.

Trey picked Sour Patch Kids & Strawberry Whoppers.
He wrote on the back of his tag:

You are a Whopper of a teacher.  Thanks for putting up with us Sour Patch Kids!

Here's a very simple idea we came up with using a package of Valentines Peeps:

"Happy Valentines Day to some of our favorite PEEPS."

 Happy Valentines Day
and don't forget to save your jars!


Seth, Cassie, Ruby & Lucy said...

Tanya, These are sooo cute! Thanks for the idea. I also love peeps. hmmm.

Sherri said...

I love everything made BY THE KIDS! These are awesome! You have a wonderful blog!

margethai said...

SO cute. You and Toad always have such clever ideas.

Sky said...

They really have great handwriting! These turned out great- what a clever idea on the Tootsies :) Hope things are happy as happy for your family!

Katie said...

those are adorable!! i am a teacher and would LOVE that from a student! so cute!

Katie said...

those are adorable! I am a teacher and would love to get that from a student. so cute!

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PrzeKora said...

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