Wednesday, October 26, 2011

and we went to the pumpkin patch

the last six weeks since we have had charlotte have absolutely flown by.
i think it is because everyday i run around like a crazy woman juggling a new baby, homeschooling and being a mom to trey and lucy, being a wife, managing the house, and just plain keeping up with life.

there has been something that has been on my mind amidst all of this craziness that i wanted to share:

when i am out and about with three kids, i often get friends and strangers making comments asking me how i am doing it all, and saying silly things like how i must just be super mom...or they start to compare them selves and say things like "when i had a baby i didn't leave the house for months and was such a mess" and so on.

when i get a comment like this, i think to my self "oh my gosh what i have done wrong to make this person think i am anything special?"   don't they know that i feel crazy sometimes...don't they know that i have cried every night since this baby was born...and my fridge hasn't been cleaned out in a month...and i found a back pack full of my daughters belongings the other day and when i asked her why she had packed her clothes it was because she had run away and i didn't even know!!??

me, super mom???  ha!

let me just tell you about our trip to the pumpkin patch will help me further explain my lameness:)

charlotte was only 2 weeks old i took these kids on a field trip to the pumpkin patch. 
the field trip was through the kids homeschool co-op.  we had gone the year before and had a blast. 

i had tried my very best to be on time, but despite all my efforts, i ended up getting out the door about 15 minutes late and the field trip started out with a train ride.

me being just 2 weeks post baby, i was very emotional.  i was so worried we would get there and the train of kids would have already left.  i was feeling like such a loser because i knew the kids would be so disappointed if they didn't get to go.  i may have shed a couple of tears on the car ride there. ridiculous i know.

when we pulled up, it was just in time to see the train full of kids already loaded from the parking lot.  i had two choices....leave and pretend i had forgotten about the field trip when the trip leader later asked me why we didn't show up...or make a run for the train and make a fool of myself in front of a trainload of people.

i had no shame...i told the kids to run like crazy to the train,  i would get the baby and be right behind them, and maybe the conductor would see them and not leave before we got on.

it worked, and though it was pretty embarrassing running with a baby while 40 people sat on a train watching us try to catch it, the kids and i ended up having a great time!

here is lucy wearing her new hat that is pretty darn cute on her if you ask me.

my pumpkins with their pumpkins.

here are some fun little videos of the kids playing around.

so anytime you start to think i am something special...just think to yourself "hey isn't the girl who cried on the way to the pumpkin patch...oh and didn't her daughter pack a backpack full of clothes and run away and she didn't realize it till days later."

also, while at the pumpkin patch we saw these halloween candy men again!
we made them last year and showed you how.

and just because she is the sweetest little darlin' here is a picture of charlotte.

it is hard to tell in this photo, but everyone keeps saying that she may have a little bit of red in her hair!?
to me it looks just really light brown.

what do you guys think?

the end


Rach said...

Ohhh that smile! I always told myself those newborn smiles are a "thank you" ... They make everything better for a few seconds. : )

Anonymous said...

Awww such a cute little baby and your little kiddos are so cute to, just chillin in the pumpkin patch!


Daisha said...

LOVE everything you wrote! You are adorable and so are your kids.

jlthomas said...

Tanya you are super mom to me! I'm glad you wrote this post though, it's been a rough day and although I don't wish others to have rough days it's comforting to know we all feel crazy sometimes! Charlotte is adorable!

Abby said...

Oh man, having a new baby is so wonderful and so hard all at once, isn't it? You ARE amazing, Tanya! And those crazy 'new mom' hormones will be gone pretty quick here and you'll be back to your old self in no time. (Please tell me this the next time I have baby, too, okay?)

Elliso said...

such cute photos! I am very jealous of the hat as well!! It's so cool!

Janas Bananas said...

I think she looks just like Travis, red hair or not! But it looks brown to me and all I want to do it eat her!!!!!
And you are super mom, but even super mom needs to be late and have a cry every now and again.

Kelly Munns said...

def some red.

Megan Marie said...

you are great. it was so nice to come visit you just before our baby came. and now i am crazy and emotional and things are not always coming together the way i hope. Ossi missed his dance class because i forgot about it the week after Eveleen was born. he cried and i cried because i felt so bad.

you can call me aunt choody said...

Aunt Choody misses you cute little Lucy, Charlotte and Trey-boy!

Anonymous said...

Great post! Keep it up the good work and also keep posting.

Anonymous said...

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