Tuesday, October 12, 2010

our yurt

we love to camp.
but, the oregon rain is already in full force!
so this time we decided to try something new.
ever stayed in yurt?

they have them all over in oregon but they are always way booked out.
i had been checking a few times a day for a couple of days, when i found a friday night open on the oregon coast so i hurried and booked it.

they kids were so exciting upon arriving to our little yurt for the night.
i got a lot of hugs and "good jobs for getting this for us mom" praises :o)

apparently they had forgot about the fact that i forgot our sleeping bags and added a good 30 minutes to our drive.

i was so surprised to see that the yurt had lights and a dial heater!

it also had plug-in's so you could bring your laptop and watch movies if you wanted...or a fan to help you sleep.

lucy spent a lot of time coloring at the little table...

and jumping on the bunkbeds.

the skylight is awesome and can be opened.

we were all nice and warm in our little yurt and the lights were turned out.
i could tell the kids were asleep and so was my husband...it always takes me a lot longer than everyone else to fall asleep.

i was laying there on the bottom bunk thinking about how much fun we were having when i heard a growling sound.
my heart started pounding and i figured it was nothing...when i heard it again...it was coming from outside of the yurt right where i was sleeping.

i yelled/whispered to my husband "something is growling outside and i am not kidding!"

he jumped up and went to the window...

there were 6 raccoons on our porch trying to get into our cooler.
they were growling and fighting.

now you would think that when they saw us looking at them they would run away...think again.
they were not afraid of us at all and we could not get them to leave!
 we were banging on things, yelling, and beeping the horn on our car alarm.

finally we grabbed the broom and made a plan...my husband flung the front door open and ran out with the broom...it scattered them long enough so he could grab the cooler and drag it in.

seriously i had not idea how mean these animals are...and how scared of us they are not.

they hung around our porch forever and eventually found a trash bag i had hung up on a porch pole.

i had nightmares about it all night!

the kids had woken up and were pretty scared as well.
then while we were trying to go back to sleep, my husband decides to browse the internet on his phone and read up on raccoons.

i told him so please stop reading at the part where "raccoons can tear of siding to get into houses."

the next morning we headed up HWY 101 just for fun.

there were so many cute little towns.

one of the little towns we stopped at had this cute little "Life Jacket Loaner Station."

oregon is so wonderful!

the rain did not let up the entire trip!
we didn't want the weather to stop us from having fun so we found a little store, purchased some ponchos, and found a little public dock to fish from.

trey is seriously the coolest kid ever.   he fished from that dock forever in the pouring rain and didn't complain about it one bit! 

we usually spend our
 weekends out and about.
there are  many times where it would just be easier to be a little lazy(sometimes we need a lazy weekend though) and hang around the house, but we have such a great time as a family getting away and experiencing this life...i am so grateful that my husband and kids are always up for an adventure!
what are your favorite things to do as a family...i am curious to know!


Shorty said...

That is such a cool story! I've never heard of a yurt before. Very interesting! This past weekend I tagged along with my husband and son to a Boy Scout backpacking trip to Beaver's Bend in Oklahoma. It was a grueling hike through the mountain to get to our camp site, but it was so worth it. We had a blast. Being out in nature really can put things in perspective. Oregon is on our 'to do' list for future vacations. One of these days we'll drive out there from Texas!

Martha anne said...

Wow that is so cool!! Your kids much just love having you as a mother!

KJ said...

I just love your posts. I spent 3 yrs of my childhood in Oregon (8-10yrs old) and your blog lets me revisit my past. Me & my son went camping this past weekend, too, and he caught his first fish (four actually). My son peeks in on my laptop and thinks he and Trey would make good friends. ;)

Emily @ Finding My Aloha said...

You ARE so lucky! I have been trying to reserve one of those yurts in WA or OR for three years now to no avail. They look awesome! Glad you had a great time. Coons are awful animals, usually rabied, and downright mean. They arent scared of people. One raccoon attacked my neighbors large dog (took the dogs eye, and had multiple stitches, and now walks with a limp...so sad). Be careful!

you can call me aunt choody said...

Fun, and scary. I heart yurts.

Busy Working Mama said...

Awesome pictures and oh my, racoons are evil....EVIL...they once broke into our screened porch and stole a container of fish food, ripped it to shreds.

Rich, Britt, Nate, and Tate said...

okay where did you find the yurt to stay at. I would love to do this with the family.


Heather at Happy Chippy Junk said...

I have to ask..was there a toilet? Also did you see the yert Sarah Richerson designed?? http://www.designinc.ca/tr/tr.php?id=3&season=01 To DIE FOR!!

Tanya said...

heather that yurt is incredible! no there was not toilet. but there were flushing toilets in the building right across the road as well as showers.