Wednesday, October 20, 2010

katniss for a day....

my brother's name is justin...but we call him "juice".

he is just 15 months younger than i...and he is a hunter.
everybody loves juice.

i have always wanted to go hunting with him.... but have heard that he just runs anyone into the ground that hunts with him. being the stay-at-home mom that i am, i have always been apprehensive to go.

after reading "hunger games" this year, i wanted to go more than ever, and knew i would regret it if i didn't give it a try.
i have recommended the "hunger games" series to several people.  of course they always asked me what it's about.
i do my best at explaining the books, but apparently i think the series is about something a little different than everyone else.

 about a month ago my sister-in-law margo called me on the phone.

"hey i read hunger games and loved it!  i just have to tell you, it was nothing like your explanation though!"

"what do you mean?"

"well you said it was all about hunting, gathering, and survival and stuff."

"it is, isn't it?!"

"no, it is not at all!"

we were both really laughing by this point, because we both realized that i like the books for different reasons than most people i guess. 

i love that katniss has a bow and arrow, that she is a hunter, that she spends her time wondering the woods, that she is strong, that she is a survivor, and most of all that she fights for good.

i'll admitt it....i want to be like katniss.

so this year i asked my brother if it was ok that i tag along with him on his bow hunt for elk.

this is me at 4 something in the morning out in the middle of nowhere.

we weren't hiking for even an hour when my husband came up beside me and whispered "are you thinking about you being katniss?"

i had to admit that i had just been thinking about it.

nerdy?  yes. 

do i care? no :o)

here is the photo of our hunting group.

my brother juice, one of his good friends from high school dave, my husband, and i.

i was just there for two days, but i honestly loved every minute. 

i don't have a bow, so i tagged a long with my little video camera. 

 this video is the first day when i heard the elk calling for the first time.  my brother is telling me to get into a position where i could stay for awhile and wouldn't need to move.

this was also right before we came into a huge heard of we got closer i started to smell something that smelt terrible...later i found out my brother's friend dave had sprayed my back and boots with elk urine.

thanks dave.

after we came into the huge heard of elk, we couldn't get a good shot, so we tried to circle around and cut them off. we just barely missed then by like a minute!
it was very exciting!!!

i told my brother that i am in for next year!

who knows...maybe i have been good enough, santa will bring me my own bow this year :o)
he would have to throw in a good pair of hunting boots as well.

i already asked him for a new bottle of my favorite perfume and a new pair of boots(not hunting boots), so we'll just have to wait and see i guess :o)


Shorty said...

I'm impressed! I don't know if I could be patient enough to wait for the elk, or deer as we have in my part of the U.S. And I'm going to have to check out the perfume you mentioned... I've never smelled that one.

Beth said...

Juice and Dave are cute! I'd hunt with them too! LOL

Kasey Hunt said...

Yeah for Katniss. Love the series!

you can call me aunt choody said...

Love it. My favorite part is your excited face in the video. :)

Martha anne said...

Wow that impressive!! And I think it's really cute you and your husband went hunting together.

margethai said...

OH my Gosh Tanya....the elk ran away with you whipsering in the video camera the whole time!! ahahahahha! I guess I will have to be Katness next year. You can be Rue.

Ruthie said...

YAY Katniss! Love it - was lucky enough to read Hunger Games as a proof copy! Wow - how excited was I??? And then I got to read the second one on proof too! Pre-publication - love it! So, of course, when the third one came out I was first in the queue to buy it - yep, spent real honest to goodness money on it! AND - I didnt read the book as being about hunting either! Lolx


Emily said...

You are Katniss.

The Bailey's said...

My husband is a HUGE hunter as well, but I haven't been able to go out with him since we started having kids 4 years ago. Glad other wives enjoy the outdoors with their hubbies. Yuck with the elk urine though, you need to plot some revenge on dave:) I have been tempted to read hunger games lately, maybe I will take the plunge now. Thanks!

The Kale Patch said...

I read your blog all the time and I totally love that you are a hunter's wife too! My husband hunts all year long. Everything he owns has at least one strip of camo on it (even his belt)! So cool that you went out with him. I went out last turkey season with my husband and it was a blast. If you take up bow hunting, I won't be able to look at my husband for a week at least because I will feel so guilty that I don't bow hunt with him!:) Lol. Great job mighty huntress!

angelina la dawn said...

i'm so obsessed with the hunger games. i love how you turned it into a real-life adventure!

Bessie said...

I love this post... how fun is that? Way to be adventurous, still need to finish the last book, can't wait!! :)

burgess said...

I was catching up on your blog and immediately jumped to this one because of the title. I LOVE "The Hunger Games" and have been telling EVERYONE that will listen about them. I couldn't put them down. And I've hunted with my husband ever since we started dating. It's harder to get out in the woods now, with kids...but I have to tell you, that my 60-something year old OB/GYN told me when I was pregnant with my first that in all of his years delivering babies, I was the first woman to ask him if it was okay that I hunt while pregnant (I wasn't sure about the sound of the gun!). I'm pregnant this hunting season too, but I hope to get out a few times anyway. Thanks for your blog!

robin said...

hi! I've never read these books you mentioned....actually I've never heard of them before but I think I'll have to look them up. This hunter girl reminds me of Ayla of the Earth's Children series.

~Crystal~ said...

Haha, that's awesome!!! If it makes you feel anymore like Katniss, I always imagine her with blond hair, even though it's supposed to be brown. So to me, you look a lot like her!

Anonymous said...

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