Friday, June 04, 2010

today at our house...

come along with us to our house for the day!

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we used our trusty ikea paper roll and covered our whole kitchen table with it paper! trey did his math and hand writing there using crayons. he thought it was pretty darn cool.
lucy practiced her name and drew some sweet pictures of princesses dancing.

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we had an extra little rascal at our house today while his mom recovers from surgery.
he must be doing whatever my kiddos are doing at all times :o)

so we covered a chair with paper for him, and it was just the right height!

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we went out to feed our rabbits today and poor snowball was not looking so good. he wouldn't eat or drink. lucy said a prayer that snowball would be ok and we brought him inside for the day. we are taking turns feeding him through a straw and he seems to be doing a lot better!

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after hours of fun lucy and liam were needing a little down i turned on "charlie brown's christmas" and set up the beanbags. at first they were fighting over who got to lay on the pink beanbag, but eventually made a great choice to share.

way to go guys!

liam i will try not to tease you when your older that you just had to have that pink beanbag ok?

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i was lucky enough to be invited outside to eat lentil soup with lucy for dinner.

i am the luckiest mom in the world to receive such an invitation!

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if she asked you would you be able to turn that little face down?

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throughout the day we all worked together to make cinnamon rolls.

lucy was sweet enough to help me with the frosting.

she found out what happens to the powdered sugar if you turn the kitchen aid on high.

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we all ate cinnamon rolls covered with creamcheese frosting after dinner.

this clone of cinnabon recipe is my favorite.

don't be afraid...your bread machine makes the dough!

and it is so YUMMY!

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thanks for coming along with us for the day!


Emily said...

Awww, I wish I was along for the day. Those are some lucky kids!

Lorissa said...

you are wonder woman, I aspire to be you on so many levels! Mostly the cinnamon bun level yummmy!

Hannah Stevenson said...

I've been wanting to get the Ikea roll for a while now. I think you've inspired me to finally do it! I loved getting a little glimpse of your day. You have some lucky kids.

Abby said...

Okay, I feel like I always say the same thing on your blog, but seriously! You always put a smile on my face and you always get me so crazy excited to make the fun projects you put up.

You're just a neat person and I'm so glad that I know you!

Miss Madison's Mommy said...

I want to come hang out at your house, it's so much fun!!! Plus I could devour those cinnamon rolls!

Matt 'n Erin said...

Thank you so much for your help with Liam. I cried looking at the pictures. I feel like I have been missing out on all of the fun!
You're the best!

lis said...

I dearly hope Snowball will be fine. Maybe those teeth need trimming? Poor little baby, get well soon!
That little girl is so incredibly cute, I wouldn't turn down a slug- on- mud dinner if she asked me. Aww!

Amber said...

Poor bunny :( It's so dangerous for rabbits to stop eating too. What I've found to be really helpful in situations like that is to get some of those plastic syringes, mash up the pellets and mix them with water, then put it in the syringe and skirt it in their mouth! My bun hates this kind of stuff, but it's for their own good...

Kristi said...

What a great day! The Clone of the Cinnabon Recipe is my fav too!! Love the ooey gooeyness of it and the frosting is divine!

Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

I can get my cinnamon bun satisfaction just by looking at that picture - thank you very much!

USA said...

You're fabulous...the best mom ever! I haven't done very well keeping up with ya, but I'm trying to do better! You're family is darling...I've never met your kids, but tell Travis hello from us! Much Love~ Smiths

USA said...

Well, hello...tell the kids hello too! We love them just as much!!

Erin said...

What beautiful children you have! I love the picture of the cutie with flour all over her arm!!! Priceless!