Friday, December 25, 2009

it was a christmas morning we will never forget

Santa thought it would be a good idea to bring Trey & Lucy bunnies for Christmas:o)

meet "chocolate ice cream"...

(he looks cute doesn't he...this picture was taken right be for he peed in the basket. mom was not happy)

but look how happy Santa made trey.

trey's happiness almost makes up for Chocolate Ice Cream peeing in the cute little basket.

here's lucy's bunny "snowball."

Santa did you really need to bring us two bunnies?

it got even worse when i realized that i am totally allergic to bunnies.
i have been sneezing ever since!
i can feel my throat closing in on me and my neck is starting to itch just thinking about it!

yes yes this is definitely a Christmas we will never forget.

(i have no pictures of me with the kids. i asked my husband to take just one picture and this is what we end up with. thanks honey :o)

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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Stephanie said...

Merry Christmas!
Your husband ROCKS at taking pictures!!!!

Kathy said...

Merry Christmas! At least DH got everyone's eyes. It looks like you just told your son you were allergic to his Chocolate Ice Cream bunnie. Poor Boy! :)

Hana said...

Merry Christmas! "Santa" considered bringing our kids a new puppy. Glad he thought twice before doing so! He he! Glad your kids love their new bunnies and I hope you can still breathe!

Casey said...

I'm so allergic to cats it's not even remotely funny. But somehow we ended up with two of them. (Long story) it took about a month, and the stock of Benadryl probably skyrocketed in that month, but for whatever reason I adjusted to them and have no problems with them now. I can't handle other people's cats, my eyes will literally swell shut but mine can sleep on my neck and not so much as an itch. Give it some time. Until then...stock up on benadryl. :)

Emily said...

love it. that pict with trey's arms in the air is the BEST.

sounds like you might need some allergy shots.:)

RaeAnn said...

THose are some super cute bunnies, and I just have to say it are one of the prettiest mamas around-shadow picture and all!

Janas Bananas said...

I thought giving a hampster was a
fun Bunnies is even funner! But sooo great, the kids love it..I told Mitch that it would not matter what we got Halle after the Hampster since she would not care about anything else, and that was so true, she hauls that thing everywhere. Merry CHristmas!!

tomiannie said...

Wow, Santa is so much nicer to your kids than mine... They really wanted bunnies but Santa said N0-ho-ho! :) Very cute!

pam said...

wow. We are coming to your house.

Angie said...

Tanya, Reading your blog makes me laugh my head off. I can't believe Santa brought bunnies and you are allergic to them. Tell your husband that is a great picture he took. I wish we lived closer so we could hang out. We'd have so much fun. Where do you live anyway? We're moving to Connecticut next week.
Happy Holidays to ya.