Saturday, December 12, 2009

holiday treat

last year someone brought us a christmas goody tin with these little babies in it, and i have never forgotten their sweet tasting goodness. here is how to make them.

what you'll need:

a big bag of small pretzels
2 bags of rolo candies
whole pecans

spread your pretzels out on a big cookie sheet.
then place one rolo on top of each pretzel.

they are already looking good aren't they?
it gets better.

put your baking sheet in the oven at 250 degrees for about 4 minutes.
just until you start to notice those rolos are starting to get nice and soft.

then remove the sheet from the oven.
push one pecan onto each rolo.

wait for the chocolate to become hard again.
we set ours onside in the wintery temperatures and they set up in about 15 minutes.

then enjoy.
you will not regret giving these a try!
in fact you can just go ahead and thank me in advance if you would like :o)

there has been a lot of treat making around here.
my friend erin and i spent hours in the kitchen yesterday.

we came up with a really great & inexpensive way to dress up your treats.
we got these goodie bags at that dollar store as well as the ribbon.
that's just $2 folks:o)

then we made these homemade gift tags in photoshop elements.

hurry go make some!
your neighbors, friends, co-workers, people you don't like but know are going to give you a goodie bag are waiting!


Andrews Family said... just read my mind. My friend in California made those for us last year and they were to DIE for. We were so sad when we ate them all. I actually bought all those things at the grocery store YESTERDAY, but wasn't quite sure how to make them....thanks for posting it. Now I can make them this week-THANKS THANKS THANKS!

Stephanie said...

My mom LOVES those rolo blobs of goodness!

Happy Mom said...

A couple of years ago, as time got scarce, I wanted to make these, but instead, I simply made up "turtle kits" with instructions and gave them to neighbors. I didn't even have to put them in the oven!!! Everyone loved them!

Troy, Sarah and Lucy Sherman said...

love it! i make these and instead of pecans, but sprinkles on top. i think i may try these this year. great for the exact present you were talking about!

Anonymous said...

Those sound delicious. My mom uses Hershey kisses and M&Ms instead of Rolos and pecans.

Raychel said...

i gotta give this a try :)


Rasha (andthisiswhatshesaid) said...

Yum. I will have to give this a try.

Kristy said...

I found just a little bit different version of these on a blog last year and made them and they are to die for. The ones I made are also just a little more festive looking, but probably taste pretty close to the same. I'm excited to make them again this year. I found mine at
Check them out. Oh and I was just introduced to your blog and I love it! Thanks for all your ideas.

Risley and Dylan said...


RaeAnn said...

has anyone commented asking if there are houses for sale right next door? I am too lazy (and now too hungry) to read the other comments.

Julie said...

I made these too but to make them just a bit prettier I melted some chocolate chips in a baggy, cut the end off and just drizzled it over the candies. Oh so yummy!!!!
Thank you for sharing.
Merry Christmas.

Kelly Munns said...

"people you don't like but know are going to give you a goodie bag"...hahahahaha!! you kill me.

pam said...

oh my gosh, I agree with Kelly. ..hahaha. ahh. yum.

A day in the life of Stacey.... said...

Man oh man these look great! :)

The Martin Family said...

Those looks so good! We are going to try making some tonight! Thanks for sharing!!!

Melissa said...

mmmmm...those do look amazing. So thank you, i'm going to make them today!

Me. said...

A co-worker of mine JUST told me about these yesterday!! I am making them this mouth is watering!! Here is my thank you in advance! :)

Kelly said...

just made them for a wrap and chat...why was it sooo hard to find rollos? seriously, i went to 4 stores dragging my kids behind me--aack!

margethai said...

finally a treat i can make...successfully

Karen Beck said...

I love your blog!


Keanu Smith said...

This is really beautiful. I like the blog and those kids are enjoying so nicely....

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