Monday, May 11, 2009

High rolla'

last weekend i hopped on a plane and jetted to vegas.
i was headed to watch my sister-in-law marge in her grappling tournament.
what is grappling you might ask.
it is like wresting in that you can win by gaining more points than your opponent through different move and holds;
but it is different, in that you try to get the other person to tap out by doing certain holds and choking them out.
i know it sounds a little on the crazy side but it was seriously SO AWESOME!
i LOVED every second!
(here is a picture of margo (left) and her teammate at the match.)
here they are warming up.

here is the actual match.

they give each other a little hand slap to let the other know they are ready.

here is margo taking her down!

if you know anything about my husbands's that they don't like to loose and they are all very competitive.
margo is not only competitive but very very feisty.
she did an amazing job and i was so proud of her.

margo and i after the match.

(i am one white nw girl compared to margo)

i do have to say that i have never seen so many muscles in one place before.

this is my sister-in-law stephanie giving into temptation.

(photo taken from the plane)

and just like that i was headed back home all in the same day.

now i know what is feels like to be a high rolla.

until next time vegas.


Jaclyn said...

Looks like fun! My husband is VERY much into UFC, thus I am forced to watch it whenever it's on tv. I like that there are some women out there that can kick some booty!!!

Mr. and Mrs. Pope said...

wow! what doesn't margo do? you must have the most exciting family gatherings . .seriously!! fun for you to make a quick gettaway

Nancy said...

I've never heard of that sport before, but she looks like she's good at it!


RaeAnn said...

What an adventure! Back in the h.s. days when we were cheering at wrestling we would always yell "do the honeymooner" because we thought we were really funny. One time a kid got mad at us because it is a really tough move apparently, but I bet everyone else appreciated the side coaching. Maybe you should take me to the next grappling match. I could work up some awesome chants like "grapp! grapp! make her tap the mat!" That was just off the top of my head...more where that came from.

One Craft Girl's Corner said...

How fun! I live in Vegas, and I've never heard of this sport! Sounds like fun!

Stacey said...

Love Vegas...miss living there so much!

That is very cool...never knew it existed!

Lori said...

Wow - how cool! She's one tough chick!

Me said...

Go Marge. You get sister in law of the year.

Megan Marie said...

i almost cried when I saw stooph touching that guy. he is so lucky, i wish it was me.

Stephanie said...

haha I love that your sis-in-law was "copping" a feel LOL!!!

Ashley said...

I love the "temptation" funny. Great ideas on your blog!

Have a great day!


Abby said...

Ok, for some reason my computer is being lame and not telling me exactly when my friends update their blogs. So I am just now getting caught up.

Second, those pictures are so fun! What a good, supportive sis-in-law you are.

Lorissa said...

oh my gosh I LOVE VEGAS, I hope you had so much fun! you need to blog on all your fun times there!!!

margethai said...

wow. I just was looking to see if you had any crafts on here lately and there we vegas. Thanks again for coming....and more adventures starting next week Thursday.

Janas Bananas said...

That is soo funny..Nothing ever surprises me with Margo...LOVE HER!! Sounds like fun, but next time call me and maybe I will hit the planes to vegas

chelsea said...

Go Margo!

RootsAndWingsCo said...

WOW! I've heard of that before, but your sister-in-law looks too sweet for it! ;) Looked like fun was had by all (except the one that Margo was on top of!).