Saturday, January 31, 2009


Trey & Lucy picked the winners!

Comment # 7-Stephanie from Canada

Thank you everyone for the comments!

I have received several requests to add these to my etsy shop(click to see).

So I did!

(winners email me with your addresses, i will send these out at the end of the week)


Stephanie said...

Really?! YAY!!!
I was JUST thinking that if I didn't win I was going to say: are you sure? Did Trey & Lucy pick the right names?!
I am loving these necklaces so I am super excited!

Emily said...

Was it rigged?:) I guess with 60 people in the drawing my odds are getting worse.

I think next time you should have the drawing for your "followers".:)

Love ya Tan. Can't wait to visit your Etsy shop!!

Janas Bananas said...

So I am thinking you should send the same quantity to my friend Steph..I know she would really appreciate it!! P.s her favorite color is pink ;)

Kelly Munns said...

i won! i won! what an honor..i'd just like to thank my friends and family for all your support through this tough time of not winning...and i'd especially like to thank my bff tanya for being a super bff and having super bff kids who picked the bff, which is me, to win such an awesome bff necklace!

Judy in Indiana said...

Thank you for the PM from SCS. I love your creative ideas. I am going to look at your etsy shop now. Thank you so much!